Of New Year’s Shindigs

New Years Party

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Happy 2011!

Yesterday a large portion of the world was hung over left thinking that the night was either worth it or it wasn’t.

New Year’s Shindigs are generally something people are super excited about, annoyed by, or they freak out that they won’t have any plans. Granted there’s probably a few in betweens but I rarely see those people.

Everyone has the same basic options:

  • Family gathering
  • House party with dancing
  • House party without dancing
  • Sober night
  • Drunken night
  • Hit up a club
  • Watch fireworks on TV
  • Go see real fireworks
  • Stay up till midnight
  • Don’t stay up till midnight

December 31st is a night where the whole world is at risk of being severely disappointed. I know I’ve had my share of terrible New Year’s Eve experiences where I had no set plans and nothing exciting happened. Worse yet left stuck with the parentals at midnight. For to me a family gathering is the epitome of a depressing welcoming of the New Year. I can understand the appeal of some family bonding with board games and fireworks on TV. Just not my thing.

Last year I was in a car accident (no broken bones) but I was still sore so my evening consisted of wine, sex, and relaxing with the boy friend.

This year I was super excited. Being on the rebound, my plans had to be spectacular which they were. I went with a group of girls to the Experience Music Project (EMP) New Years Indulgence in Seattle. There was a crowd of around 3,000 people, three different levels, choices of comedy acts, live band, DJ or bar environment. We drank, danced, and took photos. Some of the girls gave out their phone numbers, some got free drinks, one had a hard time escaping a guy, one disappeared until the night was over, I found a wand on the floor (and kept it), I kissed one of my girlfriends at midnight as well as some guy named Justin, it took us an hour to finally get a cab (it was 20ish degrees outside), overall the night was an epic success.

So this year started off with a bang. Here’s hoping the rest of the year is just as awesome.


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