Of the Curse of the French Press

I am cursed! Yet again I’ve somehow knocked my French Press over and it cracked into little bitty pieces.

This is my third one since Christmas 2010.

Tale of the red press:

Red French Press

Click image to view source

It was Valentine’s Day, I was at my ex-boyfriends house and he was cooking me dinner. A beautiful fancy dinner, by the way. I went to go make coffee and I knocked my beautiful Ceramic Red French Press on the ground. It broke into three clean pieces, but unless I wanted to drink adhesives it was not fixable. It almost ruined the holiday.

Tale of the turquoise press:

Turquoise French Press

Click image to view source

My mother bought me a turquoise press for my birthday since I ruined the one she got me for Christmas. I was at my old dorm/apartment and my press was on the edge of the counter (apparently). There was also a random bucket of bleach on the counter, don’t ask me why, so there was very little counter space. My grocery bags were heavy and when I put them on the counter the bucket of bleach knocked my Ceramic Turquoise French Press to the ground. This time it had coffee in it and I had the lovely task of cleaning it up at 2AM.

Tale of the green press:

Recycled French Press

Click image to view source

This happened yesterday. The Green French Press lasted the longest, it crashed in the bathroom sink when I was just about to make coffee. This one was cheaper, not ceramic, glass and made out of recycled materials with green plastic surrounding the glass. I clearly was no longer trusted with a fancy French Press.

So you see CURSED I’m never going to buy a French Press again. Unless it’s a gift …

What sucks most is that now I have no way of making coffee in my apartment. Again. Sigh. Curses.


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