Of Burlesque Dreams and Obesssions.

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I’ve stumbled into a wonderful, if not surprising, group of people. We are all a bit too comfortable around each other so dancing, kissing, and stripping seems to be a norm. Emphasis on the stripping. Although, kissing did almost cause problems between me and one friend, but that’s been solved and telling that story would lead me into a long tangent. So I’ll remain sincere to the focus of this post.

Anyways, through these people my secret love of the art of burlesque and my hyper-sexual nature that society (and crazy Christian family) have forced me keep under the covers has been thrust to the surface. (Did you get the subtle innuendo in the previous sentence?) In other words, I love being free to express myself in whatever way I want around these people, and the love is mutual. That’s how The Chippies were born.

One of my friends has a book with word and phrase origins and being that we are all nerdy creative writers we came across the word Chippie: a name used to refer to prostitutes back in the day because they would cheep like a birdy to try to seduce a man to look in their direction, the “cheep, cheep, cheep” could be “cheap, cheap, cheap,” thus Chippie. We’re not prostitutes, but we do love the word Chippies. Quite a bit actually.

I’m constantly obsessing about burlesque, I want to learn it, to perform it – we all do. I look at videos and pictures online of burlesque acts, kinda a lot. It’s my dream to have a burlesque group obviously called The Chippies with these ladies. That might forever be a fantasy. But we’re going to make a calendar. Yes, a calendar. This is actually happening. And we are very excited.

Come August when everyone is back in Bellingham the photo shoot of my dreams will happen. Burlesque, pinup girl, and lingerie. An exciting hybrid. This will clearly be low-budget, but who knows? Maybe The Chippies will make local waves. Maybe it’s just for fun with my friends. Either way. I’m excited this is happening.

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