Of the Jersey Shore Addiction

Jersey Shore Cast

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For the past few days I’ve been stuck inside nursing my knee … again.





I’ve been very obedient.


So while I sit on the couch drinking a shit ton of coffee, occasionally doing mini exercises, and essentially doing nothing. I’ve been watching television. To be specific: trash TV. To be even more specific: Jersey Shore.

I’ve never really got into Jersey shore. I know who the people are, but until recently I never watched a single episode. And my goodness, people are stupid. They binge drink, they fight, scream, shout, pull lame pranks, fist pump (a lot), and dress AWFUL. The fashion is possibly what’s the most appalling about the show. Tanning in abundance is not sexy. And Vinny is far from pale, yet his roomies tease him about being pale… mind-boggling. If you wanna see pale, look at me, I can’t tan to save my life. Thus I choose to embrace my whiteness.

Our culture has a fascination with watching stupid people. I’m guilty as the next person, I’ve watched the Bad Girls Club for ages. There’s a peculiar joy about watching crazy bitches throw shit, yell unintelligible insults, and then cuddle and be best friends the next day. What’s funny is that they don’t know each other and make these rash assumptions about who they like and who they don’t. Like kindergarten.

In the Jersey Shore they are no longer strangers so the emotions run even deeper. They seem to actually care about each other. A little too much in some cases. I finally understand the appeal, I’ve been sucked in and I’ve watched probably 10 episodes since I re-injured my knee. I don’t understand why I’ve been sucked in, I just know that I have.

Maybe I’m using the show to fulfill the trashy Jersey side of my personality vicariously through these people, so that I don’t behave like a fist pumping fool in my actual life.

There’s one thing I can’t stand about the show and that’s the word SMUSHING. It sounds gross, kinda like the British term SNOGGING. They are just not audibly appealing words. Furthermore, they make me cringe, there are better words to choose from out there. Look at a Thesaurus.


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