Of Writing Breaks

Calvin and Hobbs Writing Comic

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One of my favorite quotes regarding the written word is:

“Why am I compelled to write? Because the writing saves me from this complacency I fear. Because I have no choice. Because I must keep the spirit of my revolt and myself alive. Because the world I create in the writing compensates for what the real world does not give me. By writing I put order in the world, give it a handle so I can grasp it.” – Gloria Anzaldua

Anyone who has ever discussed writing, reading, basically creative literature with me has heard this quote come out of my mouth. Unfortunately when I try to verbalize it, I butcher it. Actually, it seems like most the time when I read aloud I butcher the words on the page. Maybe I just need more practice and maybe I just need to accept that I will never read books on tape.

For multiple reasons – I will never be Morgan Freeman.

Why I write is part of what sparked my previous post regarding reading habits and taste. Currently I don’t get a lot of opportunity to write for me. Rather, I have to sit around and write cover letters, memos, constantly tinker with my resume, and write creatively for a professor who in turn will slap a letter grade in red upon the page. I often have trouble maintaining momentum when I have a lot of not-so-fun assignments to write. In fact, this very blog post is me taking a break between writing my memo/resume and writing a cover letter.

As Anzaldua would say, this is me putting order in the world. I’m taking a break from writing by writing. Shifting from professional rhetoric to seemingly pointless borderline rant with an underlying theme. It’s healthy though right? I feel like I’m getting to be good at the technical writing thing, perhaps soon I’ll be great. But my creative mind needs some variation in format, style, and voice. This is my voice. Sarah Luna – sarcastic, not-so-romantic, witty, deep-thinker – my voice. Now my voice must disappear and in turn this unpolished blog post shall reach an end. My mind will shift back to the realm of professionalism and hopefully I’ll go to bed before 3:30AM.

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