Of Britney Spears and a Positive Body Image

Britney Spears Headshot

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If I didn’t already love Britney Spears before, I would now.

Somehow I missed when all these photos came out last year. As a  proud super fan I hang my head in shame.

Brit Brit chose to release photos from her Kohl’s Candies photo shoot with the photoshopped and original version side by side. This was a bold move for a celebrity, especially since their physical appearance is so important to the industry. And being a living legend she is watched by the public more than the average celebrity as her social life and physical appearance are under constant evaluation. Course, Brit is naturally stunning so the changes were minor: slight thinning of the waist and legs, removal of tattoo and bruises, and tightening the clothing to her body.

So why not just release the non-photoshopped version? My guess is that to show the two side-by-side people will see the difference. A visual reminder of the editing that occurs with magazines and ads.

There are still a lot of people out there who are naive in thinking that they need a perfect body like the faces they see on screens. It’s a nice message to send out that even with professional trainers and nutritionists celebrity physiques are not as they appear.

Britney Spears #1

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Britney Spears #2

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5 thoughts on “Of Britney Spears and a Positive Body Image

  1. “Course, Brit is naturally stunning so the changes were minor: slight thinning of the waist and legs, removal of tattoo and bruises, and tightening the clothing to her body.”

    (gasp) Minor?…… MINOR?!!! (etc)

    That’s basically a body transplant they’ve given her.

    In the lower picture the hands, forearms, upper arms, shoulders, neck, back, tummy, waist, backside, thighs, knees, shins, calves, ankles, feet have all been massively reduced and touched up.

    I’m sorry but I don’t see anything healthy about this. Releasing a few ‘pre photoshop’ images is hardly going to heal this sick culture is it? I guarantee the only reason that the (fashion, music, Hollywood etc) industry is fessing up to photoshopping and releasing stuff here and there is so that they can calm people down and thus carry on doing it anyway.

    Suppose a movie depicts sadistic violence against a woman as acceptable or even ‘fun’ but then released footage of the scene shoot showing the actors (including the woman) all laughing and nobody’s getting hurt in real life – would that suddenly make it OK to put the movie out and others like it?

    I’m sure I’ll come across as an old biddy but I’m not (honest!). I’ve just looked into what goes on in the industry a little, that’s all.

    The day that they show the un-airbrushed truth about how Britney has been brainwashed, handled, abused, manipulated and exploited throughout her whole life (since she was a Disney Mousketeer) alongside the fake Britney we all know and love – the one created by the glossy, media managed sick fantasy circus show which is corporate mass entertainment…… then might we be able to say that some progress has been made.

    Of course the music industry will never reveal what it’s really like ….. luckily it doesn’t really matter anymore. The truth is coming out anyway. 🙂

    Britney Spears, Mind Control and “Hold it Against Me”
    ‘Zombie’ Britney Spears is
    still on brink, say pals

    Symbolism in Britney Spear’s Femme Fatale Tour (video)
    Britney Spears is on Tour and is Still Under Mind Control

    Let’s all hope she can get out of the music industry cult one day – and get out alive.

    • To quote Tina Fey: “Photoshop is just like makeup. When it’s done well it looks great, and when it’s overdone you look like a crazy asshole. Unfortunately, most people don’t do it well. I find, the fancier the fashion magazine is, the worse the Photoshop… If you’re going to expend energy being mad about Photoshop, you’ll also have to be mad about earrings. No one’s ears are that sparkly!” (Bossypants, page 158).

      Personally I don’t buy this Illuminati business. It’s just a tactic used to frighten the masses. She does have her own personality and she’s often credited with being highly creative in the studio and thinks up the concepts/storylines for her own music videos. She went through a serious depression that was for all to see on supermarket tabloids and came out alive and still on top, her dancing might not be as great but her music is better than ever.

      But those videos that highlight the Illuminati “influence” will always make everyone appear brain dead, they could even follow me and you around, edit our lives, and voilà we’re Illuminati puppets. But hey, think what you want.

      • I agree that a lot of the attitudes and beliefs expressed about into ‘the illuminati’ (etc) are misinformed, over simplistic, hysterical etc. And unless you write a book about the subject it’s easy to come across like that sometimes – so I appreciate you approving my comment 🙂

        The way I see it, the main difficulty in talking about this kind of stuff is that we all live in a society which is based on an equally ridiculous but opposing world view (a view promoted by the media and entertainment industry itself) – a world where NOTHING is a conspiracy, where there are NO hidden agendas, where power (to influence public opinion and behaviour) DOESN’T corrupt and where movies, fashion and pop music etc are just there for our personal and collective entertainment only and these huge corporations just front up the money, reap the profits but don’t ever interfere in the message.

        But reality tells a different story. The links between, for instance, the Pentagon and Hollywood are well documented – the Pentagon even has it’s own official department for rewriting Hollywood movie scripts in return for free use of (taxpayer funded) military equipment and even military personnel in movies. The Pentagon even reluctantly admits scripting movies like ‘Top Gun’. In fact Hollywood has always been an unofficial propaganda arm of the military industrial complex, ever since WW2. The only difference today is that psychology is a lot more advanced and (like with advertising) propaganda is all done a lot more slickly and efficiently now – and it usually uses ‘entertainment’ rather than overt propaganda films (like they used in WW2 era).

        The connection between Disney (where Britney was ‘groomed’ as a child star, along with child stars like Timberlake, Aguilera, Cyrus etc) and the military industrial complex, CIA, secret societies etc are also well documented. Many of Disneyland’s rides today are even openly sponsored by military industrial companies.

        Why on earth should we expect the music industry to be somehow immune from the same this kind of interference? And it isn’t, as the evidence shows. MTV is also blatantly run by secret societies like the Freemasons, OTO etc. And even the ‘alternative music scene’ and counter culture of the 60’s has its roots in secret societies and the military.

        And on and on it goes…

        But looking ‘out there’ for the ‘conspiracy’ is only half the story. We also need to look at ourselves and think about what WE might be doing to invite our own dumbing down and cultural subversion onto ourselves. To many people are obsessed with accusing other people of trying to sell us a lie … we need to start looking at what it is about us that might lead us buy into a lie. THAT’s much harder to do, but much more interesting and rewarding.

        If we complied with every sales call and obeyed every advert we saw we would by definition be inviting people with their own self serving agendas to brainwash us with their propaganda and eventually take control of our lives and empty our bank accounts. We would be acting like naive idiots, basically.

        Most of us understand this concept with regards to *products* and *services* and this understanding makes us on guard to some extent (although advertising still affects us massively anyway!) but we all have a much harder time understanding that this same concept applies to ‘the arts’ as well (movies, music, art, fashion etc).

        Just imagine the care you would go to to vet a babysitter for your children. Would you let some unknown middle aged, seedy corporate board of music execs take turns looking after your son or daughter? Would you let them offer advice to pre/ teens on what to wear, how to behave, how to view their bodies, how to view sex, how to view the world, how to view their parents?

        I think not….. but if we sit them down in front of MTV or any of today’s mass entertainment media we are doing exactly that! The only reason we do it is that we (the adults) believe what we have been told (ahem, by the media) which is that in the western world we live in a society where culture is NOT censored and controlled, therefore ‘anything goes’ and as a natural consequence of this ‘freedom of expression’ we end up with pop music aimed at pre/ teens consisting of Rihanna and Britney writhing about in bondage gear in cages, snogging each other (or endless Hollywood movies about people acting like idiots hilariously or the military saving the world from terrorists or aliens or whatever). Supply and demand in a culture of no restrictions and no censorship – that’s the basic idea, right?

        But in reality what we get in mainstream entertainment and media IS an example of the most extreme censorship imaginable… only it poses as an ‘anything goes/ supply and demand’ culture. No one has realized this yet (except me LOL).

        There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with sex, sexiness, nudity, violence, guns, death, torture, S+M, seduction, power play, relationships, love etc as subjects per se…… what’s so dangerous and destructive about the entertainment industry is the completely INAUTHENTIC, SKEWED and SHALLOW way in which it handles these subjects and the fact that it never allows any other subject to get a look in. It is extreme inauthenticity which does damage to young minds, not extreme subject matter.

        Britney is not ‘the devil’, nor is she ‘in’ the illuminati but she is not in control of her life either. Her life is managed by her handlers. Many millions of women around the world have similarly controlled, restricted and abused lives.

        She’s not in control of her career either, but most jobs in the world involve being told exactly what to do and say by your ‘higher ups’ (especially the highly paid ones that come with the power to influence others) and so, again, a ‘highly controlled career’ it’s hardly a wacky concept. It’s the norm in this male dominated, rigid, vertical, compartmentalised, pyramidal hierarchy based world – the only way to really be your own boss is to make and sell your own knitwear in the local market or something like that!

        Britney also clearly has DID (dissociative identity disorder), almost certainly brought on by her (admitted) childhood abuse. Again, this is not so unusual in the world, and especially not in the seedy entertainment industry. She may even be a under mind control (MK Ultra /project monarch). Thankfully this subject is finally beginning to enter into the mainstream consciousness at last.

        So, to summarise (phew!) Britney has had some extremely catchy songs written for her, she’s a very likeable person – especially for a pop star (probably because she’s a natural loving mom and home-maker at heart …. who was abused as a child and pushed into a career as a lip syncing indoctrination slut by her parents/ Disney before she could have any say in the matter) and her *real life* story is as about as gritty and authentic as it gets. Her natural cheeriness and good heart even manages to shine through the artificial Britney Spears slut-bot teen indoctrination role which has been created for her by the sick, depraved and agenda ridden corporate mass entertainment industry and which she still has to portray onstage and in videos.

        I just think it’s important not to ‘Britney bash’ but equally not to endorse or buy into the sick (and criminal) entertainment industry which she’s caught up in either. The vast majority of ordinary people are good at heart, but we are ALL caught in a sick system which makes us do things which go against our basic good nature. Britney is too. Only by deconstructing the workings of this system can we ever hope to get away from it so we can all live more authentic and honest (and more pleasurable) lives.

        Just my 2 cents 🙂

        • Okay, in my opinion you are taking this way too seriously and are a bit paranoid. Plus, this has nothing to do with the original post, so I’m going to choose to not go into a pointless argument where no one can come out the winner because it’s all opinion based with loose facts. I love pop culture and Britney Spears, and frankly you need to do more research (it was Christina who was abused not Britney, for example). Go write a blog post, you’re clearly passionate about it and can write about the subject.

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