Of Gagaween

It’s eerie how much this girl, Hilly Hindi, looks like Lady Gaga. The first time I watched it I didn’t watch the credits and I was fooled. Then when I watched it again I thought, why is Gaga suddenly much prettier? Why does she normally make herself look so ugly? That’s when I realized that it wasn’t her. But damn it’s creepy and very Gagalike.

There is a truth to this video.

Hilly Hindi portrays a Gaga you can’t hide from, she is also super creepy and has a slew of followers (Little Monsters) that don’t question her. I’m sick of Lady Gaga with her manifestos, preaching mentality, and overall attitude. I’m all for originality and creativity but the second album is simply a Madonna album with different lyrics. The only song that I like off her new album that I’ve heard thus far is You and Me.

She’s no longer using her image to enhance her music, rather she uses it to shock and gain more followers. I feel like she’s got lost in her image, the Gaga from her The Fame album is VERY different and made MUCH better music than the Born This Way Gaga.


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