Of “You Too!”

Zach Galifinakis

I couldn't find a picture that demonstrated the You Too verbal phenomena. So I went with this picture looking at linguistics in a funny way. (click image to view source)

My busy work/school schedule has been making my life sleepless and chaotic. And my apologizes for any typos or blaring grammar mistakes as it is 2AM and I am still drunk as I write this.

Today at work the same verbal phenomenon that occurs every shift … of course occurred.

That being the infamous “You too!” phrase.

At least 70% of the customers that come through my line will have this conversation:

Me: There are your tickets, receipts on the bottom, enjoy your movie. *fake smile and enthusiasm*

Customer: You too *obvious uncaring eyes*

Me: *Polite smile and nod*

I don’t have an answer for why we always respond this way. Maybe it’s that need to be polite at all times. It’s involuntary, and we all do it, I am just as guilty as others when it comes to abusing the You Too phrase. Associate tells me to have a nice day – you too. Friend says drive safe as I leave – you too. The waitress tells me too enjoy my meal – you too.  I’m too sleepy and not sober enough to think of other examples but I know they exist. Maybe someday I’ll take the time to edit this and add in the others. Anyone who is amused or intrigued by this verbal phenomena should check out Brian Regan’s stand up “You Too and Stuff.” – he’s one of my favorite comedians.

It seems to me that the You Too phrase falls into the realm of asking, “How’s it going?” Usually this occurs while passing someone on the street. Thus any answer to that question other than “good” or “fine” is startling and bizarre.

The reality is I rarely watch movies, I don’t have time, and there’s very few that I want to watch even though I get in for free. And honestly I’m more of a TV person. Also, most the time when I say “fine” my day is either absolute shit or completely awesome.

Regardless, I’ll continue to smile or say “fine” in these frequent and recurring social situation.


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