Of Pop Culture Favorites

I’m not afraid to admit it, I love Pop Culture. I find it fascinating. I’m picky. I’m open-minded to things that people hate mostly because that’s the cool thing to do. I get defensive when someone declares my opinion as wrong, not different in taste – just flat-out wrong. Or won’t even consider listening or watching something that has amazing reviews because they are harboring ill feelings towards one of the people involved.

I’ve decided to make lists.

Five celebrity crushes:

Britney Spears Headshot

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  1. Britney Spears
  2. Jimmy Fallon
  3. Gene Kelly
  4. Mila Kunis
  5. Zoey Deschanel

Five movies that I’m not the biggest fan of and everyone else seems to adore:

The Goonies Movie Poster

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  1. The Goonies
  2. The Princess Bride
  3. 90% of action movies (they often lack a compelling plot and rely on pointless fighting)
  4. 300
  5. Happy Feet

Five movies that I can watch 50 times in a row:

Singin' in the Rain Movie Poster

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  1. Singin’ in the Rain
  2. Mean Girls
  3. Matilda
  4. Keeping Mum
  5. Hello Dolly!

Five TV Guilty Pleasures:

Joss Whedon

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  1. Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse)
  2. Bad Girls Club
  3. How I Met Your Mother
  4. Gilmore Girls
  5. One Tree Hill

Five Favorite TV Characters:

Wesley Wyndam Pryce

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  1. Wesley Wyndam Pryce (Angel, Buffy)
  2. Giles (Ripper) (Buffy)
  3. Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)
  4. Lorleli Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)
  5. Willow Rosenburg (Buffy)

So there’s my five lists of five pop culture things sans a music category. Anyone want to make their own? Have at it!

Now it’s back to a sleepless existence of work and homework.


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