Of Catching the Christmas Spirit

The Santa Claus

And indeed it did become a holiday classic

I simply adore Christmas! The bite in the air, lights, shopping, presents, cookies, family, friends, music, movies, ugly sweaters, all of it. I’m a total Christmas junkie – always have been, always will be. Every year someone tries to deter my Christmas spirit, but their Scroogeness never phases me. Sure it annoys me, I always think, “why can’t you just be jolly?” I suppose they need to harbor their bitterness towards the holiday, the music, forced family time, eggnog, gifts – I don’t know why, but they rarely turn the corner and see the joy of Christmas. That’s a shame, I love Christmas. Their bitter souls are missing out.

But I never believed in Santa Claus, and for good reason.

My family never had a traditional fireplace, we had a pellet stove. Even in my toddler state of mind I figured out that no one in their right mind would squeeze their fat body through a chimney pipe not even ten inches wide, shimmy their way down in a fire pit of hell that was sealed shut from the outside by a giant metal door – just to bring me presents. Nope, couldn’t fathom such a concept.

I loved the movie the Santa Claus starring Tim Allen. They managed to think up a clever way for Santa to deliver presents to those with “improper” fireplaces and those without fireplaces at all. Magic can do wonders for that “aw shit, now what?” moment, but I still didn’t believe in Santa. It was too late. From birth I’ve been logical, practical, and rational.

Santa or not, I can’t get enough of Christmas.

’tis the season!


3 thoughts on “Of Catching the Christmas Spirit

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  2. I believe in Santa, maybe not as the picturesque jolly man rolling down the chimney, but the wonderful spirit of giving….I too loved the Santa Claus movies starring Tim Allen and look forward to them each year.

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