Of Cleanliness After 3AM

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I am my mother’s daughter. And yes, I’m aware that is a cliché … but cliché’s are a cliché for a reason.

When I stopped by my parents house after work, about 11:30PM, I saw my mother, sitting on the bathroom floor, a bucket full of chemicals by her side, and a wash cloth in her hand – the whole house smelled like original scent Lysol. She had stripped the bathroom of any small items: toothbrushes, candles, shampoo – be gone! It was time to clean, they would be put back later. I walked in when she was already well into the cleaning process, all that was left was scrubbing the floor and rinsing the green chemicals that filled the sink.

Upon arriving at my house my plan was to do a work out video and go to bed around 1 – 1:30AM.

I ended up watching TV, eating pizza, and uploading the epic Muppets soundtrack to my laptop.

Come 3 o’clock I got up to get ready for bed. My bathroom disgusted me – so I decided to clean it. Much like my mother, I sat on the ground with a bucket of chemicals and detail cleaned EVERYTHING possible. Two hours later my mission was complete. My hands still smell like cleaning products despite numerous hand washing’s and lavender lotion.

I’ve always been this way, as has my mother. If we get the urge to clean something or complete a task, we have to do it right then and there or else it may not get done for weeks. This is why a lot of my best school work gets done at midnight or later – at that moment I felt inspired. This is why I at 1AM I’ll start doing the dishes – I know myself, I’ll put it off if I don’t. And it’s why at 5AM I’ll write a blog post about this quirky behavior of mine – clearly, right after cleaning at such a late hour is the prime time to relay what I just did.

But I must say, my bathroom is sparkling.

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