Of Celebrities – Just Like Us!

Me Drinking Tiny Tea

THEY PRETEND TO DRINK TINY TEA – Blogger Sarah, classywithatwist, spotted taking silly photos with her family at Christmas in one of her new fancy hats. “It’s just fun,” she said, “they whole family laughs and gets into it … plus, just look how fancy I am!” On December 24.

I love tabloids as much as the average person standing in line at the grocery store, boarding an airplane, or waiting at the doctor’s office. The section that never ceases to make me sit back and ponder, why the hell do they put this in here?, is Celebrities, They’re Just Like Us! First of all, while they may also buy in bulk and perhaps are well grounded and do all sorts of charity events. I highly doubt they are truly like us. When I go to the grocery store I don’t have to worry about people seeing me drop my oranges and claim I’m an unfit human being or hopped up on drugs. Thank God! For my clumsy tendencies are world-class. If people started questioning my personality or sobriety because I tripped and someone caught it on film, I may as well be the next Lindsay Lohan. Also, they may snap photos at the park and jog with music, but they don’t have to worry as much about things like affording food and bills when they come back from their day in the sun.

There are two semi-understandable reasons for justifying this section:

  1. An effort to humanize celebrities. Show the public that despite their fame, fortune, and good looks, they are still human beings just like me and you.
  2. A means to make the star struck individuals who devour and pine over the tabloids, who long to join the table dancing and rehab revisiting spotlight, not feel as awful about their own mundane lives.
Do we really need to prove either of these points? I would hate to think that people see a celebrity and just assume they are an image and deserve to be treated as such.

Below are a few photos from UsWeekly’s Just Like Us page, click the photos to view the UsWeekly website. Enjoy – may their humanity bring solace into your life!

Halle Berry, UsWeekly

THEY PUSH THEIR OWN CARTS – Busy mom Halle Berry stocked up on purchases from Bristol Farms in West Hollywood on May 21.

Amanda Seyfried, UsWeekly

THEY RECYCLE – How else does Amanda Seyfried (in Portland, OR, May 24) stay ecofriendly? “Carpooling!” she has said.

Tori Spelling, UsWeekly

THEY FILL UP THE TANK – Tori Spelling pumped fuel into her Cadillac Escalade in L.A. May 16.

Kristin Chenoweth, UsWeekly

THEY EAT ON THE GO – Kristin Chenoweth’s diet secret? “Don’t eat after 6!” the petite Broadway star (in NYC May 11) tells Us.

Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson, UsWeekly

THEY RIDE A BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO – Eric Johnson and fiancee Jessica Simpson rode a tandem bike along the boardwalk in Venice, Calif. on May 1.

Naomi Watts, UsWeekly

THEIR KIDS EAT STREET SNACKS – Naomi Watts gave son Sasha, 3, a helping hand while he munched on a pretzel in NYC on May 10.

Emma Roberts, UsWeekly

THEY SHOP FOR CEREAL – Emma Roberts stocked up on the breakfast staple at a West Hollywood grocery store April 22.

Tish Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, UsWeekly

THEY GET SCREENED AT THE AIRPORT – Tish Cyrus and daughter Miley put their belongings in bins at LAX’s security checkpoint April 27.

Owen Wilson, UsWeekly

THEY TAKE FAMILY VACATIONS – Aloha! Owen Wilson and girlfriend Jade Duell touched down in Maui, HI, with their son, Ford, 3 months, April 16.

Now, don’t you feel better about yourself?


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