Of Terrible Lyrics

I’ve always been a very literal and rational person. I’m the human being who will stop for a moment when I hear a weird lyric. When a rarely used word is spoken in my presence I make a mental note to use it more often (then usually forget what the word was later – this is an annoying truth – I need to carry around a notepad).  Or I’ll complement my friends on excellent sentences or word choices when their are talking. I also talk to songs, commercials, or TV shows. My close friends either know that’s just what I do or play along, strangers tend to get very VERY confused.

There’s a lot of terrible lyrics out there. I have no idea how many times I’ve had this sort of encounter:

Me: Oh my god did they really just say that?

Friend: I just listen to the beat

I’ve never understood this, how can someone not hear the lyrics? I can’t not hear the words, I hear everything – including your precious beat (thank you band obsessed mother for that skill). Regardless there’s a handful of really awesome songs out there with absolutely stupid words thrown in, or phrases thank make me go hmmmm.

  • Help! By The Beatles

    Everyone loves this song, as they should. This song plays on loop at my work, and I always end up talking to the following lyric.

    “When I was young, when I was younger than today …”

    Woah, wait … say what?? Younger than today? Nonsense, I thought for sure you were older back then when you said young the first time. Thank you for explaining yourself, it was really necessary.

  • What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes

    What I love about this question is that they never tell you what’s going on. They just leave you hanging, and by the 50th time they ask what’s going on I’m think – hey, why don’t you just tell me? Oh you’re not going to? Jerk!

  • Sexy Bitch by David Guetta featuring Akon

    This is a prime example of beat versus lyric. I love this song, it has a great dance beat, always fun at a party. But I think it’s absolutely hilarious, in fact, making fun of this song is a big reason why me and Alisha are friends. Nothing says oh baby like being told that you are “incomparable to my neighborhood whore.”

Those are just a few examples of songs to talk with that make me chuckle.


2 thoughts on “Of Terrible Lyrics

  1. Well, the video is there for your convience to discover the pronounciation, though it is … um … quite “sexy.”

    Oh I get that it’s a metaphor, I genuinely love the song, but I get great amusement out of taking things literally, or nitpicking on little things that really don’t matter. Regardless of the phrasing they are still defining younger.

  2. i thought the line went: “when i was younger, so much younger than today.”

    which might be his way of saying it was a long time ago, not just recently younger.

    as for “incomparable to my neighborhood whore,”

    i’m curious how he pronounces it. INcomPARable, or inCOMParable?

    when i hear people use a word, or a big word, than i don’t know – i get cautious about it. because i’m such a snob, i tend to first question if they used the word correctly. and i’ll often stop the person and say, “wait, i don’t know that word. what’s it mean?”

    and then my 13- year old will say, “use your context clues!”

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