Of My Thoughts on Select Slang

NUMBER ONE: “Nom-nom”

Child Eating

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This phrase crosses my ears daily, signifying that my friends are either hungry or what they are eating is fantastic. But buddies, I will never convert and start using this phrase, but I will continue to glare at you when the sound “nom-nom” is uttered from your lips, for you sound like a child. As an adult I recommend saying yum, delicious, I’m hungry, or that looks amazing.

NUMBER TWO: “Arrow to the knee.”

Arrow to the knee

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“Everything was fine and dandy, till I took an arrow to the knee.”

“I used to be in love, till I took an arrow to the knee.”

“French fries were my favorite food, till I took an arrow to the knee.”

First of all – ow – that would really suck in literal context. But, what the hell does that mean? This arrow catchphrase, is one that I find exceptionally annoying, and it’s plaguing any and all online message boards. From what I gathered the arrow to the knee phrase stems from a video game, which might be why I don’t appreciate the reference – considering I’m not a gamer.


Girl on bus, victory stand

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I’m not gonna lie, it took me a long time to figure out what this meant. FTW – for the win – is used when rooting someone on, and occasionally sarcastic. Normally it doesn’t make sense or is unnecessary, but I still see it used on at least one Facebook status a day.

“Going to go get yogurt FTW”

“Got an A on my test! FTW”


Barney, HIMYM, Sick

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This one’s not new, it’s been around for years.”Aw man, that’s sick!” Should mean that’s disgusting, not that’s awesome. I get taking back derogatory terms and reclaiming them making them a positive term such as queer or slut. But I don’t understand taking a term and flipping it’s meaning. My roommate has taken this one step further, she says, “that’s filthy.” When I first heard this I was confused, much like I was with “sick”, now that I know what she means. I still find it strange.

If sick is equal to crazy awesome. Say crazy awesome. Please.


5 thoughts on “Of My Thoughts on Select Slang

  1. either i’m hanging out with the right or the wrong people, but i hear very few of these. probably because i’m much older than you.

    with FTW, are they saying “FTW” or saying the words? if they’re that lazy that they’re saying FTW, then smack them. if they’re saying the whole phrase, give them a snarky look and say, “really? did you learn that in homeroom today?”

    never ever heard the “arrow to the knee” and i’m happy i don’t know where it’s from.

    never heard anyone say “nom nom” except an adult feeding a baby. oh, my kid wrote it once when she drew a picture of a dinosaur eating a tree or something.

    the legs of the girl on the car don’t compare to yours. jus’ sayin’.

    now there’s annoying slang. “just saying.” eh, not slang i guess. but it’s a phrase that many people believe enables them to follow it with anything that way. “you’re stupid. just saying. you suck at golf. just saying. that dress is ugly. just saying.”

    • Lucky you don’t heard these phrases often. Your kid using “nom” is completely acceptable, after all she is a child.

      “Just saying” reminds me of a phrase I forgot about when writing the post, “You know what I mean?” Obviously if I knew what you meant there’d be no point to this conversation.

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