Of Showering in the Movies

Psycho Shower

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Picture any shower scene in any movie ever made. Odds are it’s a pretty girl, probably blond, guaranteed to be skinny, highly attractive, and humming some tune while she washes her hair or lathers her body using a loofah. There’s also a strong possibility the first shower scene you think of is from a horror movie. This makes sense, considering that at that moment in time people are quite literally naked and vulnerable.

Now here’s what bothers me – how the girl washes her hair. It’s simply not logical.

She almost always faces the water. Most people face away, you know, to avoid the whole shampoo in the eyes effect. Sure, they might face the falling water when lathering their hair, but they turn around when it comes time to rinse.

In efforts to increase the sex appeal and vulnerability, that is typically involved with the showering experience, movies and television shows seem to enjoy making the girl’s behavior sexy rather than normal. It’s not the sexy that annoys me, by all means, be sexy. I will very VERY rarely judge someone for their sexiness, more specifically, how they use their sexiness. It simply bother’s me whenever I watch a shower scene.

Yes, there are exceptions where the girl has normal showering habits, but let’s be honest. The majority of the time there’s no logic behind the scene, it’s used to be sexy, build suspense, or heighten an emotional moment.


5 thoughts on “Of Showering in the Movies

  1. While reading this I found myself nodding my head in agreement. Along with the soap in the eyes I felt that it would also be a pain to breath while washing that way. Then at the end I found my self thinking, in a very NPH voice, “challenge accepted”. I decided in that moment that when I took a shower today I would face the water the whole time while washing my hair. To my surprise no soap got in my eyes; it wasn’t that hard to breath while doing so either. The problem I did face was that in was an incredible pain in my ass to get all of the shampoo out of the back of my hair. My final decision in the end is that while it was doable, I will not be washing that way again.

  2. you suck.

    i’m from northern new jersey. up there, “you suck” means “you did well, and you did better than i did.”

    now i’m going to have to obsessively look up as many shower scenes as possible. i’ll start with porn.

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