Of Cute Little Kids in Glasses

I’m not gonna lie, I wish poor eyesight on my future children. Problem is that I have perfect vision. So maybe I’ll get lucky or maybe I’ll give them clear lenses.

Child: “Mama these don’t change anything.”

Me: “Sure they do, put them on. Oh, you look adorable!”

Child: “No they don’t!”

Me: “You’re just not looking far enough.”

Child: *skeptical child face*

Little kids in big glasses are exceptionally adorable. I’m jealous of my older brother’s kid photos cause he’s wearing huge glasses and I’m not. In fact, there’s a photo of me with half my teeth holding a Pumba doll (you don’t get to see that one). Not nearly as cute.

I’m not known for being the worlds most child loving individual but even I think that big ole glasses on a little face are adorable. Here’s only a handful of examples – of course there’s plenty more cute kids out there, but I don’t want to come across as creepy.

Lavendar from Matilda

Click image to view source

Jerry Maguire Kid

Click image to view source.

And now for some not famous kids. I did end up feeling like a creeper, haha.

Girl with glasses

Click image to view source.

Kid with glasses and balloons.

Click image to view source.


4 thoughts on “Of Cute Little Kids in Glasses

  1. i know i’m a lot older than you, but i had perfect vision until about two years ago. i was always able, and still am able to read a license plate across the street or a street sign down the block. but put a book a foot away from me and it’s all a blur. now i have my almost harry potter glasses. somewhere between potter and john lennon, and i love them. so there could be something in your future too.

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