Of What’s Ahead

Me with a green puppet

I’m not sure why I chose this photo other than to say, “Check it! Puppets are awesome.” And five years ago I had bangs.

My apologies you sexy sexy readers for the 20 day hiatus – but I’m back and more witty, opinionated, and fierce than ever!

In the past month my sister and I graduated college, my little brother graduated from 8th grade, my mother had her birthday (I’m honestly not sure how old she is – is that bad?), my parents had their 33rd anniversary, my brother and his wife came to visit from LA, and my grandmother came to visit from Fresno, CA. Whew! It’s been wild.

At last the chaos of birthdays, graduations, and visiting family has calmed down, and I’m finally able to retreat back to living on my laptop while watching way too much TV. And of course, maybe even getting an “adult” job …. crazy. I really hate filling out applications, it’s a boring tedious process, I wish I could just walk into a business and say, “Yo! you should hire me,” mission accomplished. Sadly, the real world requires papers, cover letters, resumes, and praying for an interview.

Since I’m done with school and I no longer have the excuse of finishing homework assignments that I may, or may not, have procrastinated on, I’m going to do my darndest to write a post on this here blog every weekday. It’s gonna be a party of words, limericks, and opinions, oh for joy!

I invite you all to the party inside my brain, it’ll be awesome.


Express your feelings below :)

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