Of Dead Batteries

Girl Waiting By Car

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There’s been a recent development in my life where I go out to my car and yet again the battery is dead. Why? Because I forget to turn my lights off, a lot. Now I would argue that this is not entirely my fault – the beepy thing is broken. By beeping thing I mean the annoying high-pitched reminder that my lights are still on, a service I hadn’t realized that I relied so heavily upon till my string of dead batteries began.

The silly thing is that I don’t have my own cables, I always have to borrow from someone else.

Here’s my tally over the course of roughly four months:

  • Work: 5 times
  • School: 2 times
  • Parentals: 1 time

Nothing is more depressing than getting off an eight-hour shift at 12:30AM and coming out to a car that won’t start. First I’m struck with denial, no not again, start, staaaaarrrrrt! turning the ignition a few times before I rest my head on the steering wheel. Next I’ll call whoever I know that is either getting off with me or still inside the building (usually either Bryce or Jolene).

Friend: Hello?

Me: Hey, boo!

Friend: What’s up?

Me: So, I kinda left my lights on?

Friend: Again?

Me: Yeah. Could you come help me?

Friend: You gotta stop doing that!

Me: I know!

Friend: Aiight, be out soon.

Me: *Waiting for assistance, the pointless security guard shows up*

Security: What’s going on here?

Me: Oh my car battery is dead.

Security: Do you have help coming?

Me: Yup

Security: *Nods and stares at me*

Friend: *Exiting theater*

Me: There they are. *Pointing dramatically*

Security: Okay, have a good night. *Slowly drives away*

Me: You too.

Friend: Which side of the engine is your battery on?

Me: I don’t know, it’s inside the hood.

Then they’ll  hook my car up with their cables since I honestly still don’t know how to do it myself, turns out the batteries on my left side (thank you Bryce).

I always have to hold the cables while it’s being set up, which terrifies me because apparently if the metal parts touch I could die! What? Why’s this so dangerous? I’m truly pathetic with cars beyond the skill of driving them.

But I’ve gone three weeks without my battery dying! I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.


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