Of Ugly Male Ponytails

Check out this “beautiful” hairstyle.

Ugly Man Ponytail

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I see this style of ponytail on at least three men a week. What I can’t figure out is why this hairstyle is appealing. If you understand or think that this is an attractive look please speak up in the comments section and try to sway my opinion.

From what I gather, these men aren’t actually balding – but they really wish they were. So they took tips from sumo wrestlers, bad comb overs, and Donald Trump. Then proceeded to fashion their hair into a makeshift toupee. The stylish rat-tail dangling towards their neck serving as a whimsical touch. The tail also provides much-needed proof that their hair is not fake should they find the ladies are turned off but their “balding” appearance, and ponytail toupee resting upon their head.

One thought on “Of Ugly Male Ponytails

  1. That truly is one hell of a hairstyle. I’ve been shaving my head for some time, not as a fashion statement, but because I just don’t feel like trying to do anything with what hair I do have – maybe that IS a fashion statement. Much like tribal tattoos from tribes you aren’t actually a part of, a rat tail on a mostly shaved head is a sign of confusion to me.

    Then again, what the hell do I know?

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