Of When the Internet Dies

Internet Down Comic

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When I came home from work on Monday my Internet was down. The little blue light on the router was replaced with an evil orange glow. This orange beam means that no matter what I do I will not have the option of going online. I can’t do anything from checking Facebook to writing a blog post, I’m in the dark, officially disconnected from the Earth as we know it.

I don’t know how I functioned without the Internet in the past.

Now, on those offline days I’m initially at a loss for what kind of activity to do. I might try to watch TV or play a game, if I can manage to get ahold of another human being I’ll beg them to hang out the good ole fashioned way – face to face. Yup, without the Internet, and practically the world in front of me, I have an impressive lack of skill regarding what to do with myself.

Before the World Wide Web existed I was very creative. As a child my imagination was  in constant free fall, I could spend a day in a tree pretending it was a spy base or an orphanage. I would spend hours playing with dolls or coloring. My brothers and I invented games and told jokes. And while my imaginative energy has transferred into my ability to tell stories and come up with plot lines at a moments notice, I’m no longer able to sit in a tree for hours (all alone) and be completely content. It’s a sad truth.

Still, I’m lucky that I have any creative energy at all. So many adults seem so dimwitted in their ability to think quickly and make stuff up. I’m constantly writing out my life in my head while I’m just walking around. But, I do miss playing and getting lost in a story I made up before the Internet came along and killed my drive to live in a world outside of reality.

Yes, I’m still forced to remain offline (I’m currently in the library writing this – I have exactly 45 minutes before they kick me off the computer). And while it sucks tremendously, perhaps I’ll be motivated to start that novel I’ve been meaning to write.


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