Of … Really?

Stupid People Quotes

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It’s common knowledge (at least amongst my friends) that I have a low tolerance for stupid people. If you can’t articulate even a simple sentence, you don’t understand sarcasm/wit, or you get confused by automatic hand dryers – then we can’t be friends. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that I can’t handle being around your stupidity for longer than absolutely necessary.

Today I was asked, “Is the 12:10 Ice Age a morning or an afternoon show?” Really??? Is that an honest question? Or is this a co-worker trying to be funny? 

For a moment I was sitting there stunned, “It’s an afternoon,” I answered.

“Okay thanks,” they said.


I still can’t believe I was asked that question in the first place. I wonder if it occurred to them that an afternoon show implies that the film starts after, wait for it, noon. In this case it was a whole ten minutes after noon. People are amazingly idiotic sometimes. If that person was the babysitter, they should probably be fired for not knowing how to read a clock. And if they were a parent, I’m sad that they produced offspring. Hopefully their child will be able to understand that the defining moment between morning and noon is when the clock chimes twelve times – or if your phone has a little PM near the time.



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