Of Coffee With a Side of Coffee

Girl holding two coffees

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The joy of being a Washingtonian falls into two main categories: coffee and scenery. The scenery is constantly beautiful. In the summer everything is still green, and it’s still breathtaking even when the winter brings clouds of gray. But the coffee, oye, you gotta be careful about that.

There’s several reasons to drink coffee: morning cup, pick-me-up, mid-day, pulling an all-nighter, before dinner, after dinner, romantic date, platonic get together, tough day, long drive, entertaining guests, the list goes on. The typical Washingtonian drinks coffee on a daily basis for any number of reasons, and many of us rely on that morning cup for sanity. Or my personality in a cup as I often say.

But nothing is worse than undoing caffeine’s hard work.

This happens on occasion. I drink my morning cup and the day is going swell. I’m awake, chipper, and feeling extra witty. But during either a break between plans or at work I accidentally fall asleep for 10-20 minutes. This puts me right back to where I started. I’m groggy, cranky, my personality is gone, and all I want to do is to fall back asleep. It feels like I only got an hour of sleep the night before instead of eight. Like I never had coffee. Like I just rolled out of bed. I cannot stress enough how much it sucks starting the day twice.

Day’s like that turn into a constant flow of coffee if taking a long nap is not an option. The normal one cup turns into two, then three, all because I fell asleep for a few minutes mid-day.


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