Of Perfect Timing

Clock in Jewelry Box

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To quote Voltaire’s Candide we live in the, “best of all possible worlds.” Now I don’t know how much truth is in that statement, but it’s a hard phrase to argue with. Obviously this is the best world, after all, it’s the only one we got. Thus, it can only be the best.

However, there are choices we make that, in theory, are not the best possible option. For instance how many of us should have been studying one subject and decide that now is the best possible time to learn more about the cast members of Glee, how starfish live, or how to make your own marshmallows? At that point you’re learning, but it’s not the right kind of productivity.

It’s wonderful at the time, it feels like you’re learning. At that moment it doesn’t matter to you that the information you’re consuming is seen as useless to a large portion of society. For you are making the best possible choice, plus, technically you’re learning – it’s just not what you’re supposed to be learning.

I’ve found that the best possible time to write is when I’m supposed to be writing something else. I should be working on cover letters and writing samples, but it feels like a really good time to ramble about perfect timing and post my thoughts on the Internet.

I always want to apply for jobs when I’m supposed to leave for work.

I always want to read a book when I have a different one assigned.

I always want to clean my house when I should be asleep.

I always want ice cream when it’s cold and hot chocolate when it’s warm.

I always want to go shopping when I need to pay my bills.

It’s an endless cycle, but there’s one thing I’ve learned: the best possible time to do something is when you’re supposed to be doing something else, after all, we live in the best of all possible worlds. Therefore, everything we do is for the best.



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