Of the Reality of Sales

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I think this justifies my messy desk at work. (Click image to view source).

If you didn’t know, I currently work as an advertising sales representative. Working as a sales rep immediately makes me the bad guy when I walk into most businesses. Sometimes they’ll magically disappear, start yelling, make up excuses, or my personal favorite – back away slowly and hope I don’t notice. Yeah, I’m going to notice. And if I’m told to come back in a month, I’m going to show up. Hell, if you mention your dog’s name, I’m going to remember. It’s literally my job to not forget.

But it isn’t always fun being treated like the gum on the bottom of a shoe. So many no’s get thrown at me in a day that when someone doesn’t say no, it’s like getting a high-five from Jesus. Course, not saying no does not mean yes, so that high-five often turns into a tease, and I end up hitting a wall instead.

There are four kinds of clients:

  1. The one whose afraid to tell me the truth because it might hurt my feelings.
  2. The one who is clearly better than I am and has no use for my services.
  3. The one who never is at the office.
  4. The one who says yes.

I figure the reality is eventually everyone might say yes. Or will say yes is a bit more optimistic. Still, my plight seems to remain the same, for every client gained, one starts to back away, and so goes the cycle.

With some people it doesn’t matter what I do. Their little faces become rigid, cold, and blank as they turn off their ears to what I’m actually saying. I could be offering them a free trip to stay at a castle in Spain and they would still accuse me of stealing their money. They don’t seem to grasp that I could help them. And they won’t, that is, until they are ready. Or until the right person comes along, with the perfect statistics, and makes them see that they need to do something to get their name out there. Jeez, who would have thought sales would be so similar to dating? I even get stood up at least once a week – go figure.


2 thoughts on “Of the Reality of Sales

    • I have years of rejection experience thanks to my writing major 🙂 It’s not fun, but I always seem to handle it just fine.

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