Of Pretty Friends


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I’ve always said, “I don’t have ugly friends. Well, I had one once, and it didn’t end well”.

Most people find this flattering or humorous. After all, I certainly don’t mean any malice towards my fellow humans.  But every now and then, someone reacts with a bitch-are-you-serious stare. Or instantly launches into a verbal judgment of me – assuming shallowness and other unpleasant personality traits.

Okay, I get it, you are easily offended and wish that everyone was treated with love at all times  – and in an ideal world, everyone is. I respect that. But here’s my question, dear person who jumps down my throat, do you find your friends ugly?

Honestly, it’s a fun reverse, because no one ever says no. And I would hope not.

It’s not about being shallow or only caring about how you and your posse appear to the masses. You should find your friends beautiful. Granted some might be more physically striking than others. Or soul-wise more stunning. But ultimately, unless you’re one of those people that surround yourself with others you think of as ugly to make yourself feel good – your friends are most likely attractive.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

2 thoughts on “Of Pretty Friends

  1. I’m sorry you were bullied, I truly am, the fact that you didn’t let them defeat you, shows your strength. And though I can only see you thumbnail photo, I can already tell you are none of those things that the popular kids called you.

    Beauty, or someone’s prettiness, isn’t a simple ugly vs attractive scale, there’s different kinds of beauty. I’ve met the kind of people who are bullies. They need to put other’s down to feel good. And though I understand the insecurities behind their behavior – I’ve never liked them.

    I’ve written before about embracing flaws, for flaws are what make us human, and in turn – beautiful. When we are children, unfortunately many of us are told that those flaws are wrong, make us unappealing, disgusting, or not worth existing. If I could make these people disappear I would, but alas, I haven’t the power. It’s true that it takes a lot to offend me, mostly because I refuse to let people bother me, but my goal is never to hurt somebody else. I’ve had too many people share with me how their friend, stranger, or family caused them pain to wish ill of others.

    So in answer to your question of how I treat people who aren’t my friends, I don’t treat them much different. Granted, I don’t chase them down with a hug and tell them my personal triumphs or failures of the day. But I’ll smile, introduce myself, and ask their name. Sometimes it leads into a conversation, and sometime’s our interaction ends there. You never know when a new friend is nearby.

  2. i guess I would feel better about this if, over the course of my life, I hadn’t seen so many people who think they are attractive bully other people who they think are less attractive. It’s fine to have pretty friends, and good for you. It’s normal to have friends who have the same values and are interested in the same things. But how do treat those who are not your pretty friends? When I was in school, I was bullied by the popular kids who called me ugly, weakling, stupid, dog, etc. I have also seen this happen to people with disabilities. I was offended by those who called me names. I am offended by those who call disabled people retards. Even though some of these pretty people are attractive, they really show the ugly part of their personalities. I am not saying that about you, because I don’t know how you treat people who are not your friends.

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