Of Wishes for 2014

Congratulations everybody. We survived another year. High-5’s all around!

Make a Wish

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With 2013 in the past it’s time for the world to start proclaiming that this year they will go the gym. Eat better. Read more. Watch less Netflix. Ultimately, be less of a self-centered-jerk than before and actually take care of themselves.

The problem with resolutions is that there’s no accountability. Nothing’s gonna shatter your world if you break your vows – other than personal disappointment.

If you skip the gym you’re not gonna have your Internet taken away. No one will ground you if you decide to make a freezer pizza instead of healthy food for dinner. Your boss won’t fire you if you spend your evenings watching Breaking Bad instead of reading Steinbeck.

So in reality, it’s really only the highly driven people who have resolutions that function as more than just wishful thinking.

I could say that I’m finally gonna write a novel. Odds are I won’t make much progress until next December when I realize I’ve done nothing all year.

I could say that I’m gonna watch less TV. But I LOVE TV!

Perhaps this year, my savings account will actually have savings in it. That is until bills show up.

In theory, all these things could be my resolutions that I will inevitably fail to accomplish. Along with: cook more, do the dishes right away, improve my punctuality, etc. But the truth is, unless I magically morph into a super driven human, none of those things will dramatically change in 2014.

Which made me think, what’s the ONE RESOLUTION we should all make? Something realistic. Something insightful. Something exciting.

Aka, something that us victims of habit actually stand a chance at accomplishing.

If I think back through 2013, it’s not the things I did that I want to change. It’s not the television, staying up too late, going on mini-road trips, or spending hours in a fort playing games. It’s the things I didn’t do: the chances I didn’t take, the applications I was too lazy to fill out, and the people I wasn’t fully honest with.

So my resolution this year, my only one, is to be a little bolder and hope for the best.


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