Of Tuesday Tunes – Mary, Did You Know? by Pentatonix

Just a couple more days until Santa magically breaks into a bunch of homes! So in light of the holidays my song of the week is another Christmas song from Pentatonix’s new album, That’s Christmas to Me. Why? Because they’re amazing.

I’ve discovered that a lot of people are not familiar with Mary, Did You Know? Or at least they weren’t until the Pentatonix music video came out. Personally I grew up listening to it, I remember my mom singing it for the church when I was little, and I was OBSESSED with Mark Lowry, a stand-up comedian and the songwriter, for the bulk of my middle school existence.

The Pentatonix version captures the feeling of the Mark Lowry original, particularly in how they build to a large chorus and scale it back by the end of the song. They kept true to the original while putting their signature spin on the orchestration, especially just before the bridge.

In short, it’s beautiful.

Favorite lyric: “And when you kiss your little baby you’ve kissed the face of God”


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