Of Tuesday Tunes – Hothouse by 78Violet

My song of the week is Hothouse by 78Violet, previously known as Aly & AJ.

The girls have gone indie. Like hard core indie. No longer are they rocking tight clothes and singing electronic pop music, 78Violet is a whole new Aly & AJ.

And I sort of love it.

One thing is still true, they write the best break up songs. And Hothouse is yet another great song to turn to when a relationship comes to an end. In fact, based on the leaked tracks I heard off their yet to be released album, there’s many more broken hearted and over it tunes to come.

Hothouse is simple, they sing in unison for most of the song and the instrumentation is minimal. But it’s beautiful. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the sound change, but then I couldn’t stop listening to the leaked tracks. And then I couldn’t stop watching the Hothouse music video, which feels like an indie movie itself.

There is a 3 minute intro, but it’s a lovely poem that is completely captivating:

Favorite lyric: “In the beginning you intrigue. But the way you move, it terrifies me. And you remind me of the things that I don’t need.”


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