Of Tuesday Tunes- Earth Song by Michael Jackson

My song of the week is Earth Song by Michael Jackson.

Like many, I’ve been a fan of Michael Jackson’s for most my life. My dad showed me a video of him doing the moonwalk when I was a child and I was sold. Earth Song may not be one of Michael’s most well known songs, but it’s lovely all the same. It has that King of Pop energy that we all grew to love and has a not so subtle message: Save the Earth.

I love a powerful wordless chorus, which this song executes perfectly. My favorite moment is about half way the during the chorus when the key changes, it’s a semi-subtle change that leads beautifully into the intensity of the last verse.

As for the video, I’m 90% sure that Michael was going for strong imagery. However, it is possible that this song was used in a 1995 disaster movie – I didn’t bother to Google it.

Favorite lyric: “Do we give a damn.”

Express your feelings below :)

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