Life consists of things. A beautiful, crazy, and infuriating collection of events and topics.

Thus when developing this blog I decided I would link everything together through the word of: of this, of that. Throw in the occasional rant and deep metaphorical insight and I got myself a recipe for a blog. So why Classy With a Twist? Well, cause I pride myself in being a classy bitch! At the same time, I’m not always super appropriate. However, I am never trashy. Thus the twist. I’m not the picture of elegance, but I am classy, no doubt about that.

Me in a Pretty Dress Acting Silly

Me being classy with a twist

Cue the basic info:

  • My name is Sarah
  • I’m twenty-six years old
  • A graduate of Western Washington University with a degree in English – Creative Writing
  • I want to write the great American Novel but I’ve yet to sit down at my typewriter
  • By definition my full name translates to Princess Happy Moon
  • I love coffee
  • Wear a lot of dresses
  • Dance whenever I can
  • And sleep rarely

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey. Ive nominated your blog for a leibster award. You do not have to accept, i simply thought it deserved notice. As always, i really enjoy your blog and i thank you for enriching my life with it.

  2. dear ms. “moon,”

    i stumbled upon your blog recently while clicking over and over through other people’s freshly pressed stuff, and then the readers and followers of said pressed. i like your attitude, but it is not at all bitchy. you have a down-to-earthness and realness that’s admirable. i hope you don’t mind that i’m prowling through your posts and have made various comments. please don’t think i’m stalking you or going to try to meet you or anything. it’s just hard to find anything interesting to read that isn’t my own writing. 😉

    happy sunday

    • Not creepy at all! Trust me, I can spot a creeper from a mile away (and apparently through the screen of my laptop) 🙂

      And thank you, I’m glad you enjoy my writing.

      Happy Sunday to you as well.

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