June 6th, 2012

My phone got bombarded with texts: let’s just be friends; I like you; I’m going to fast; I’ve messed this all up; It would be nice to receive a text back; Come on give me a chance; You’re just too awesome for me; Friends then?; Just forget this ever happened we can start over; I can’t do this, friends?; I really like you; Let me take you to dinner all I want to do is spend time with you; I’m not normally like this I always come across all wrong;  Should I take silence as a hint?

All I can think is that I’m dealing with a crazy lady, we’d been on two dates. Two! I can’t tolerate psycho’s who break down for no apparent reason, and I really hate apologetic texters (or even people who text every five minutes). Instantly I’m contacting most my friends, sharing with them the extreme failure that is my love life. They laugh and tell me to run as I ignore my constantly buzzing phone.

Run I shall.

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