Of Tuesday Tunes – Superhuman Ft. Kelly Sweet by Juventa (Alternative Mix)

My song of the week is Superhuman Ft. Kelly Sweet by Juventa (Alternative Mix).

Considering that I was so lost in an imaginary dance to this song that I nearly ran a stop sign going 50 mph on a country road – I figured I should make it my song of the week.

Superhuman is gorgeous. It’s slow tempo, chillstep, downtempo, liquid dub – whatever you want to call the genre – at it’s finest. The song is heavy with captivating synthesizers and beautiful vocals.

I listened to this song about 5 times in a row after I almost ran the stop sign, I just couldn’t stop imagining a stunning yet heart breaking routine on repeat.

Favorite lyric: “Maybe I fall, maybe I fail, maybe my hearts not made of stone.”