Of Saving Money


Tomorrow Land Jar

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If there’s one thing I’m truly terrible at in this world, other than sports and yoga, its saving money. I’ve never been good at letting my funds build before I go on a shopping spree. Or even giving myself enough of a cushion so that I’m not living paycheck to paycheck. Hell, with two jobs I’m still broke.

Granted I do have some legitimate things to pay for, such as school loans, car loan, insurance, and gas.  But any extra money tends to go towards coffee, dresses, beer, and dance cover fees.

Typically, I’ll come across three types of people:

  1. Those that are like me. Who are constantly going out, doing things that require money, shopping, and paying for others – they are also borderline broke.
  2. Or there are those who seem to have a magical bank account that never runs dry. With these folks, they might be living off their student loans. Or maybe working a part-time job with nothing to significant pay for.
  3. Or they are home bodies who don’t spend much money.

And while I can respect the financially savvy individual who is saving up each and every dollar. I’d rather live my life on the brink of brokeness. If I absolutely had to cut something out or my account would be overdrawn, I’d probably choose the beer and shopping. But I’m not about to give up coffee or dancing – not if I can squeeze out a few more pennies and afford to do what I love.

Broke Meme

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Of Coins


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My name is Sarah, and I’m not a penny hater.

People hate coins. Copper crap. Silver shit. Gold garbage – all nicknames given to our money. Ultimately, a lot of people who I know try to avoid coins by paying in exact change or leaving excess coinage in a tip jar. Most of the folks that I come across loathe coins because they way down their wallet. It’s too heavy, they say. My pocket/purse gets too bulky, they whine. But very few complain because of the reality that it costs more to make a penny than a penny is worth. The poor dears simply find coins inconvenient.

Even though I know that John Green (from the video above is right). I still don’t hate coins. Sorry John. As far as I’m concerned until pennies become discontinued I will happily keep them. Because it’s still money! That’s something I’ve never understood, coins are still money yet people think of them like they’re gravel.

Coins are often treated like the free coffee available at rest areas along the freeway, whereas a bill is an espresso – but guess what? It’s still coffee, and sometimes, you need that free coffee so you don’t fall asleep and swerve off the road.

I’ve had people hand me their change of 98 cents because they can’t tolerate circular money. I’ve seen several customers reject their 75 cent change. I know a lot of people who keep coins in large jars and decorate with them instead of investing. Recently I took all the change that I’ve acquired over the past few months (mostly pennies), rolled it up, and deposited $26 worth of coins at the bank. And guess what? They accepted it! It’s true that pennies aren’t cost efficient in terms of their creation, but I was able to fill up on gas with them, for that I’m grateful.

So yeah, I don’t hate quarters, nickels, and dimes – not even pennies.

Maybe I will when I’m no longer a starving recent college grad and can afford to whine over a heavy purse. I’d rather complain over the politics behind creating coins in the first place, that is, if I were to join Team Coins Suck. But I’m still too poor to properly care about the issue. So for now, if digging through a pile of coins is what allows me to buy my vanilla latte in the morning, so be it.

Coin Jar

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