Of Pant Day Blues

Sad Pants Cartoon

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Today I was forced to wear pants. I hate being forced to wear pants.

Cause, you see, I don’t have very many human clothes. And the ones that I do have, I don’t particularly like. I haven’t bought jeans since high school, my shirts are mostly intended to be tucked into a skirt, and I don’t own sweatshirts of any kind. It’s always a challenge trying to find a nice human outfit to wear to an event (or in weather) that my normal clothes (casual for me, dressy for most humans in the Pacific North West) would simply be a bad idea.

That’s why this morning it was so sad to walk out of my room with denim strapped to my legs and one of my few human shirts, while my dresses and skirts hung limp and sad on their hangers. Their pretty feelings hurt by my neglect.

What made matters worse was that while it looked cold and wet – it was not. In actuality it was humid and warm. I was wearing pants for no reason! I even had an umbrella in my backpack.

Curse you Washington and your weather inconsistencies!