Of Attempting Success

Me Being Awsome

“Do what you have to do.” – Sarah Luna (aka ME!)

I’ve never been one to say, “Here’s my super challenging goal, and dammit if I don’t succeed.”

I’m much more likely to say, “What I’m doing right now is no longer working, I think it’s time for a change.”

When it’s time for that change, I move quickly. I’m often surprised by how much I can accomplish when actually I put in the time and effort. I know, shocking right? Then once I’m at a place where I’m comfortable again, I’ll stay there, until I have to move on. It’s a slow ladder, but it’s a happy ladder. And though I’m frequently less well-off than I’d like, I seem to do okay. I still have my friends, family, dance life, and I manage to eat. I still have my goals, my dreams, and my ever-increasing to-do list.

I’m great at doing what I have to do: If I need a job, I’ll get a job. If I need to write, I’ll write. If I need to get stronger, I’ll get stronger. And since the number one thing that pushes me to aim higher is a desire to not fail, here’s my current crossroads: I can either scrape by working one job but never have any sort of cushion, or I can put active effort into pursing my dreams of becoming working writer and look for some freelance writing jobs.

This is exactly what I’m doing. It’s just an added bonus that I also love what I’m doing. And truthfully, this blog post functions as a contract to both myself and anyone who enjoys my writing, that I will submit those applications and start writing that book that I’ll probably have to self publish.

I think all writers can agree that being a good writer is about more than stringing a bunch of words together to meet the criteria. It’s about diving in headfirst and hoping for the best.

So here’s to hoping for the best!

Of Doing Just Good Enough


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From childhood, those of us who are lucky are told that we have the power to succeed in anything we do. It’s a sweet sentiment, course, I never did become a dolphin trainer or learn to do a cart-wheel – but if I really wanted to, I could succeed at each task.

As I’ve gotten older, the simplistic mentality of everything’s possible has changed. At least for me.

Instead of craving for success, chasing that dream, or daring to take a chance. I just try to not fail. I find that, “just don’t fail,” is all the motivation I need to get out of bed in the morning – albeit a little late.

Not failing was made me an A/B student instead of an A student. It’s why I do okay at work, but I’m not the best employee ever. It’s what keeps me skinny, but not in shape. It’s why I can swim well enough to not die, but you won’t see me swimming across a lake.

If I had the energy, or truly cared, then I would focus on success and being my absolute best. But for now, I’m content to just not fail at stuff.

Of Coffee With a Side of Coffee

Girl holding two coffees

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The joy of being a Washingtonian falls into two main categories: coffee and scenery. The scenery is constantly beautiful. In the summer everything is still green, and it’s still breathtaking even when the winter brings clouds of gray. But the coffee, oye, you gotta be careful about that.

There’s several reasons to drink coffee: morning cup, pick-me-up, mid-day, pulling an all-nighter, before dinner, after dinner, romantic date, platonic get together, tough day, long drive, entertaining guests, the list goes on. The typical Washingtonian drinks coffee on a daily basis for any number of reasons, and many of us rely on that morning cup for sanity. Or my personality in a cup as I often say.

But nothing is worse than undoing caffeine’s hard work.

This happens on occasion. I drink my morning cup and the day is going swell. I’m awake, chipper, and feeling extra witty. But during either a break between plans or at work I accidentally fall asleep for 10-20 minutes. This puts me right back to where I started. I’m groggy, cranky, my personality is gone, and all I want to do is to fall back asleep. It feels like I only got an hour of sleep the night before instead of eight. Like I never had coffee. Like I just rolled out of bed. I cannot stress enough how much it sucks starting the day twice.

Day’s like that turn into a constant flow of coffee if taking a long nap is not an option. The normal one cup turns into two, then three, all because I fell asleep for a few minutes mid-day.