Of Tuesday Tunes – #GetItRight by Miley Cyrus

My song of the week is #GetItRight by Miley Cyrus – and yes, there really is a hashtag in the song title.

#GetItRight is a super catchy, uptempo, and happy pop song. The song is about sex, but in a cute way. Maybe it’s because of the joyful whistling in the background, but when I hear this song I think of new love and lust. This song has the vibe of those giddy butterflies.

It’s a cute little ditty, enjoy!

Favorite Lyric: “You’re sexy sexy, I got things I want to do to you. Make me make me, make my tongue just go do do do.”

Of No Coffee Mornings

Today a nightmare happened – I didn’t have time to make coffee before work. Gasp, shudder, tears! all the tears!

Basically like this, but with less dancing:

Without a little personality-in-a-cup to supply some joy, the morning stretched on and on. No coffee morning’s are the worst, and the free tea in the office is not a satisfactory substitute. It’s not awful just because I’m a caffeine junkie. Or because I did not go to bed at a decent time, so the fact that I woke up at all is a miraculous achievement.

Coffee equals sanity. It allows for brief moments of me time before diving back into the detail focused office atmosphere.

But on my lunch break, I made some coffee, and now my insides feel like this:

My jumping off a haystack.

Me jumping off a haystack.



Of Doing Just Good Enough


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From childhood, those of us who are lucky are told that we have the power to succeed in anything we do. It’s a sweet sentiment, course, I never did become a dolphin trainer or learn to do a cart-wheel – but if I really wanted to, I could succeed at each task.

As I’ve gotten older, the simplistic mentality of everything’s possible has changed. At least for me.

Instead of craving for success, chasing that dream, or daring to take a chance. I just try to not fail. I find that, “just don’t fail,” is all the motivation I need to get out of bed in the morning – albeit a little late.

Not failing was made me an A/B student instead of an A student. It’s why I do okay at work, but I’m not the best employee ever. It’s what keeps me skinny, but not in shape. It’s why I can swim well enough to not die, but you won’t see me swimming across a lake.

If I had the energy, or truly cared, then I would focus on success and being my absolute best. But for now, I’m content to just not fail at stuff.

Of a Light-Weight’s Night Out

It is no surprise that I’m a mega light-weight when it comes to consuming alcoholic beverages. I mean, just look at me …

Me on a Painter Scaffolding

… I’m a skinny chick who has a very small appetite ninety percent of the time.

On a typical night out I need not bring more than $15 (unless there’s cover – tip to future/current club goers ALWAYS try to avoid paying cover, if possible). $15 will pay for two shots and two drinks if the drinks are cheap. One drink and a shot if the bars a bit more spendy.

I’m almost always the first one who is pleasantly drunk, two drinks or shots, and I’m good to go. I’m a happy drunk – very giggly, bubbly, and will probably (nay will!) want to dance and/or talk about sex at some point in the evening. I’m told I’m a cute drunk, of course, being me I can’t confirm this without bias, I’ll just trust my buddies and their statements about my behavior.

I feel sorry for non-light-weights. They have to spend much more money than I do to reach the same level of happy.

Often I get teased about how much of a light-weight I am, they laugh because one or two beverages will be all I drink for the night. They complain that I can’t “keep up”. And then thank me for being the sober one at the end of the night. Funny how the tune changes when I’m now the one that can get the gang home.

Think of it this way. If I were to order four or five sodas at dinner most people would be shocked or appalled. For that’s a lot of soda. It’s a lot of drinks in general.

Unless you’re buying rounds of shots, three or four cocktails is a lot of cocktails. Just based off amount of liquid ingested alone.

If I REALLY wanted to I could drink more, but I don’t enjoy getting past the happy giddy stage of alcohol consumption. I don’t like stumbling down stairs. I don’t like feeling nauseous. I don’t like having no control over my body. I don’t like not being able to think properly. I don’t like being too drunk. I don’t like waking up and thinking why did I do that? I don’t function well when I drink more than my normal, unlike some people I know. I don’t like going to bed drunk. I don’t like forcing my friends to play mother and take care of me. And I DO like being sober (or close too) when I go home. Unfortunately, I do sometimes cross into the less fun drunk zone.

So ya see, I’m a light-weight through and through, and I’m just fine with that. I like my friends, and I like me. I don’t need to drink more to improve my self-esteem or confidence, not even to make the evening more enjoyable.

I can start the party completely sober, don’t believe me? If you’re out and about in Bellingham and the club is hopping, look for a curly brown-haired girl in a dress (most likely accompanied by a curly blond-haired girl in a mini skirt or skinny jeans). We’ll be there!

Of The Muppets (Movie Review)

The Muppets Movie Poster 2011

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The Muppets is without question my favorite movie of the year. Jason Segel wrote it, Bret Mckenzie (Flight of the Conchords) did the music, and it stars the Muppets – a great combination.

It’s perfect, the perfect movie.

Segel did a fine job at handling Jim Henson’s legacy. The Muppets was true to the original and was absolutely wonderful, even daring to go deeper into their characters, i.e. showing what a terrible boyfriend Kermit was to Miss Piggy. And the new Muppet, Walter, which many were concerned would pull away from Henson’s vision, was adorable and a fun new addition to the cast.

Watching this movie will make even the gayest lady want to have Segels broad-shouldered babies, and the straightest man wish that he could. I challenge you to enjoy this masterpiece and not fall in love with him.

The plot is simple enough (got to save the theater from being torn down), but the real driving force behind the Muppets has always been the lovable characters. Their quirky jokes and sense of “together we can do anything, we’re stronger together,” put a smile on my face that never went away, not once. Plus, I literally clapped four times when watching the movie (as did everyone else in the theater). They used the “hey this is a movie” device to their advantage with comments such as:

“This is going to be a very short movie.”

“You guys are the Muppets, you do this stuff to music.”

“How about for the rest of this we use a montage.”

“I wanna stay with you, I mean, I just sang a whole song about it.”

“Sorry, must have been the dance number I was doing outside.”

I can’t remember the last time I left a movie so happy. It’s pure joy, and as far as I’m concerned, to hate the Muppets is to hate joy.