Of Tuesday Tunes – Carry Out feat. Justin Timberlake by Timbaland

My song of the week (on a Wednesday, sorry) is Carry Out feat. Justin Timberlake by Timbaland.

This song came out in 2009, but I came across it again while sifting through my mountain of music and thought, “Oh yeah! Must dance to this.”

Carry Out has a classic 2000’s hip hop beat, sexy with whistles and lots of synthesizers. And while comparing a woman to a fast food joint isn’t the most flattering of metaphors, the punny-ness of the song is fantastic. It’s the kind of song that I would DJ as a throwback to get people all nostalgic and excited.

Favorite lyric: “Number one, I take two number three’s. That’s a whole lotta you, and a side of me”

Of Tuesday Tunes – Feisty by Jhameel

My song of the week is Feisty by Jhameel.

I’ve been selecting a lot of ballads for my Tuesday Tunes, which is largely cause pretty emotional and/or sexy melodies own my soul. That being said, this week I have not selected a slow jam.

Fiesty has been one of my favorite songs for awhile, but this week in particular I’ve been listening to it an awful lot.

Fiesty is an upbeat tune with a vibe that’s mixture of pop, rock, and hip hop. Plus the hook is super catchy, making it the kind of song you want to listen to on a long car ride, when getting ready for a night out, or when showing off your more flamboyant side on the dance floor.

Simply put: it’s a fun song.

Favorite lyrics: “Cause baby, oh my, well it’s unfair. Looking like that, make a gentleman stare. Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my. Feisty!”

Of Wanting a Pirate Chick, Literally

Little gives me greater pleasure than diving into the literal, especially in realms where a literal interpretation is not appreciated. Take for instance music. I love lyrics, especially hip-hop, not for reasons of their quality but rather how completely absurd they are. In real life if a person walked up to a girl and said her body is crazy and they will tear it up tonight after she goes down on them – they would get slapped across the face and severely pummeled in the lower regions. Not in hip-hop land.

I’ll give you my (current) favorite example.

Remember the song, U and Dat by E-40 that came out awhile ago? If the answer is no, I assume it’s because you saw how the rapper spelled You and That incorrectly and decided it was best not to waste your time. If the answer is yes, did you listen to the lyrics?

E-40’s desires are simple, he wants the girl. It’s a sweet concept in theory, dark nightclub, sexy and sweaty dancing, inevitable lovemaking with a stranger, followed by a convenient “loss” of phone number – the grand ole one night stand.

What’s most interesting is what he notices about the girl, I’ll paraphrase: just want to get to you and that booty, to you and that monkey …. what you gonna do with this pussy? I think the reason for his attraction is quite obvious. It’s not that she’s behaving in a trashy manner wearing little to no clothing, or even that he expects to hook up with her tonight – the girl is clearly a pirate.

She’s got booty, probably a large pirates chest overflowing with gold coins, a pet monkey, and a cat not-so-cleverly named Pussy as a sidekick that she turns to for guidance. Hell, how could you not want to get to know her? So many questions would come to mind when seeing her: how did she become a pirate in the first place, where do you find a pet monkey, and wouldn’t it be more efficient to deposit her booty in a bank rather than lug around a hug chest of treasure?

I know if I were E-40 I would do everything I could to say hello and pet the monkey, maybe even feed it a banana. Plus there’s the reality of treasure, just a handful of coins could wipe away significant debt and buy me an awesome ship. A pirate chick would no doubt capture and hold my attention for quite sometime. I too would want to get to that monkey.

Unfortunately in the music video they went the slutty route as opposed to the pirate interpretation. But I stand by what I said, the girl is a pirate. Yarrr matey.

Of Save the Words

Save the Words screenshot

Click image to view source

I’m officially bummed.

Several months ago my friend mentioned in passing a website entitled Save the Words. A dream site, especially for anyone who has ever said, “Nice word choice,” and meant it. Then, about fifteen minutes ago, I suddenly remembered her telling me of words crying out for us to save them and the option of adopting a word. It sounded glorious.

I regret to inform you that Save the Words.org is now a blank website. After trying various programs (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) I have come to find that the website is extinct. I even checked the source, which revealed that there was no hidden code. In fact, there’s no HTML code at all. This is why I’m sad.

Now I’m scrapping my brain, trying to remember words that are starting to fade out. A few come to mind, almost all of which are 90s slang and are heard in old hip-hop music:

  • Rump
  • Scrub
  • Baller
  • Boo ya
  • Jiggy
  • It’s your birthday
  • Bust it
  • Da bomb
  • Groovy
  • Bitchin
I really wish I could think of “smart” words to add to the list. Can anyone else remember other words that are dying out?