Of Tuesday Tunes – Thinking About You by Big Scary

My song of the week is Thinking About You by Big Scary.

This song is stunning. When I listen or dance to it I feel serenely calm as my soul gets lost in the music. It’s the kind of song that puts me in a different place. If I’m driving I feel like I’m in a movie, suddenly everything seems more interesting and important. If I’m dancing the connection with my partner becomes intoxicating and the song transports us to the most beautiful part of danceland.

The magic of Thinking About You is in its vulnerability.

It’s romantic. It’s sad. It’s nostalgic. It’s honest.

It’s the kind of song that puts all the emotions on the buffet table and allows you to pick what you need.

Favorite lyric: “You were my heart shaped queen on your way to school. You were a paper back girl back before it was cool.”