Of Embracing Flaws

Zooey Deschanel

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Flaws are beautiful. Flaws make people interesting and diverse. Too often we try to cover up our imperfections in an attempt to please the masses. And no matter how many times we hear about how being yourself is the best thing in the world, the cover ups continue. It seems that the world refuses to digest the message.

Personally, I love flaws, and I’ve embraced mine with warm and fuzzy feelings. For you see, accepted flaws become quirks – and quirks are endearing. I’m stubborn, clumsy, vain, shallow, dorky, bitchy, and apathetic. My flaws are a big part of my personality, and my choice to live life wearing them on my sleeve makes me a rather candid and entertaining individual, or at least I like to think so.

  • My stubbornness might mean that I won’t let you help me open a jar, but it also means that I will finish what I start.
  • My clumsiness is funny to me, in fact, my family often competes over who had the better clumsy moment that week – it’s apparently a family quirk.
  • My vanity comes from refusing to ever look like I’ve given up, I want to look and feel put-together. I believe in dressing up for life, not just for special occasions.
  • My shallowness means that I like pretty things, this doesn’t mean that everyone has to be supermodels, but everyone can look beautiful if they would believe it or try.
  • My dorky side allows me to take a vacation from the “real world” and watch whale videos on YouTube, obsess over the work of Joss Whedon, bust out a graphic novel, fail to play Zelda, or research the realm of pop culture with pride.
  • My bitchiness doesn’t make me mean, it makes me say what I think. I’m sarcastic, and don’t always consider the necessary filter.
  • My apathy is quite possibly the biggest flaw that I adore. I simply don’t care about a lot of things. If we were talking and you insulted me, I would probably assume you were just being sarcastic and not even realize. Blissful apathy is the life I lead.

My flaws stopped being flaws when I realized the value in them. I like walking around and knowing that I don’t blend in with the masses. I’m not flawed, I’m quirky. And quirks are endearing and wonderful.  Also, I think it’s fair to say that being quirky was a big part of what made Zooey Deschanel famous, so I can’t be the first person to have embraced this mentality.

Of The Cabin in the Woods (Movie Review)

Cabin in the Woods Movie Poster

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge Whedonhead. The man is incredibly talented and has a knack for taking things and turning them on their head, bending them like a Gumby doll, and producing something awesome. He’s quoted as saying that his stories come from a place of why. With Buffy it was why does this girl always get killed off? With Cabin it came down to why do I love these movies and why do they always follow this certain pattern? To watch that interview click here.


Go watch this! Two thumbs up. Five stars. Etc. Etc.

I’ve already seen it twice.


The challenge with writing a review on this masterpiece will be avoiding spoilers. So I’m going to do my best to avoid saying anything about the plot, which as I said, will be challenging. But I’m not telling the details because it’s really the type of movie that you should go into with as little knowledge as possible about beforehand.  I also will say that if you arrive at the theater and the movie is already going, WAIT till the next show, trust me – even the first 30 seconds are essential.

The movie expertly balances horror and comedy often at the same time – a signature quality in Whedon’s work. The plot slowly unravels itself and doesn’t spell anything out for the audience. We get thrown into the middle of this world, much as the kids in the cabin are. The difference being that we get to see both sides of the spectrum.

Everything and what you think is to happen probably won’t happen, or if it does, something else will occur to destroy that particular horror film trope. In fact, expect this to be first horror in years that keeps you guessing. Ultimately it all leads to an epic explosion of chaos and awesomeness.

That being said, if you prefer stupid horror films filled with blood and guts (which, by the way, there is plenty of in this film), where there is an unnecessary rape scene, pointless jump scares, highly unlikable characters, and requires no thinking or frankly intelligence. Then you probably won’t this movie. However, for the people who enjoy intellectual comedy and horror at it’s finest, where everything has a purpose, and the characters are lovable (even the bad ones). Then you will LOVE this movie.

I love this movie. I love that Whedon and Drew Goddard (co-writer and director) trust the audience to be smart enough to understand the premise, characters, plot, and so on. I love that it pays tribute to the classics from the 70s but also teases what horror film have become.

And yes, I never mentioned what the story is about. But that was intentional, the trailer already borderline says too much and advertises the film as pure horror when in reality there is a lot of comedy thrown in the mix.

I’ll tell you this: a group of kids go to a cabin, bad things happen, but not exactly what you would expect.