Of Tuesday Tunes – Carry Out feat. Justin Timberlake by Timbaland

My song of the week (on a Wednesday, sorry) is Carry Out feat. Justin Timberlake by Timbaland.

This song came out in 2009, but I came across it again while sifting through my mountain of music and thought, “Oh yeah! Must dance to this.”

Carry Out has a classic 2000’s hip hop beat, sexy with whistles and lots of synthesizers. And while comparing a woman to a fast food joint isn’t the most flattering of metaphors, the punny-ness of the song is fantastic. It’s the kind of song that I would DJ as a throwback to get people all nostalgic and excited.

Favorite lyric: “Number one, I take two number three’s. That’s a whole lotta you, and a side of me”


Of Tunesday Tunes – Nothing Would be Better by Nick Jonas

My song of the week is Nothing Would be Better by Nick Jonas.

Nick Jonas’ solo debut is fantastic! If you’re hesitant because of his Disney/boy band background, just remember that the now beloved Justin Timberlake has a similar history #JimmyFallonsBFF #Hilarious #WhoKnew? #SexyBack #CryMeaRiver #Classic

Honestly, it was difficult choosing only one song off this album. I can’t recommend fiercely enough that you listen to the whole thing, if you have a soul you won’t be disappointed. Almost every song falls into one of my two favorite categories: fun or sexy.

Few songs make me hit the repeat button as often as Nothing Would be Better has. The song is beautiful with a rich build to a mostly instrumental chorus – he uses the wordless chorus quite a lot actually. The words are poetic yet simple as Nick’s voice balances perfectly with the stunning orchestration in the background.

Plus as an added bonus for danceland, it’s the perfect song to DJ in the middle of a blues/fusion set.

Favorite lyric: “We don’t turn around unless we’re throwing stones. And we’re crawling like there’s cracks all in our bones. You’re the broken part of me that makes me whole. But so unsure”