Of Homosexuality and Media

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Lately I’ve been watching more gay/lesbian media than I usually do, and I’ve stumbled upon a semi-annoying discovery. In both movies and TV it’s a lot easier to find gay (likable) men than women. The token gay best friend is always a guy. There’s a crazy difference in the amount of movies about gay men versus gay women – when looking at titles it’s like a sea of gays with the occasional lesbian thrown in for kicks. In said movies, they typically function like the hetero couples, just a bit more flamboyant. An easy tangent would be to talk about the clear stereotype for how a gay man functions in society, but I think we all know what that would be. For instance: shopping, superficiality, hair with frosted tips, and “Hey girl , heeeeyy.” Even so, the media seems to be far more comfortable with the idea of two men than two ladies – unless they are behaving as a sex symbol.

Lesbians are portrayed as either super butch, anti-men feminists, or high maintenance lipsticks. This is not to say that butch lesbians aren’t walking about or that women are always easy to be around, but they get placed on an extreme binary scale. When I do find the rare lesbian movie that sounds interesting, the woman almost always ends up with a guy in the end. And if by some miracle she doesn’t, she still messed around with one. Of course, clearly if she sees a penis she’s going to stick around – at least in the media. This is not to say that these aren’t good movies, The Kids Are Alright is wonderful, I own it, but it does fall into that mindset of needs a man. The films that don’t have the switching teams factor are typically low-budget indies with acting that’s either superb or painfully bad, there’s no middle ground. I’m sick of watching these romantic or dramatic movies just to have the couple you’re rooting for suddenly break up and retreat into a hetero normative world. I want to cheer on a lesbian couple and have them stick it out with that Hollywood romantic comedy happily ever after ending.  Straight couples and gay men get that all the time, it’s the ladies turn.

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Of Wishing for Overalls

Love and Other Drugs Screenshot

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A lot of my favorite things still stem from the 1990s. It was the era of “it’s so corny it’s fucking awesome,” and there is one thing I know for certain.

I miss overalls.

Not the boxy, dark blue denim overalls that farmers wear.

But the cute, subtly sexy overalls that seem to only exist in the movies and on television nowadays.

In the 90s it was easy to find cute overalls. But now all that’s left is poorly made jumpers and used ones that have pictures of Tweety Bird or Winnie the Pooh cross stitched on the front. Hmmm … not interested.

Take for instance Anne Hathaway’s wardrobe in the movie Love and Other Drugs. She had a quirky and sexy wardrobe that included what? OVERALLS! Where the hell can I buy those?

Granted they may not be the most figure flattering piece of clothing, but there is something attractive (at least to me) about the way the hang on the body. It’s that I’m fully clothed but my clothes are barely hanging on look.

I mean, just look at her. She’s stunning.

Anne Hathaway Overalls

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