Of My TV Obsession


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For a person who loves books, calls herself a writer, and wants to go into mainstream publishing – I sure do watch a lot of TV.

I wish I read more. I really do. I love great prose, strong metaphors, witty language, and surprise endings. I have fellow creative writing friends who will exchange work with me, there’s great joy in being proud of my own and my friends creations. There’s an epic amount of books out there to read and I always devour the free books shelves at the Library. But, what I spend most of my personal entertainment time doing is watching TV.

I like TV. No – I love TV – it’s like a long epic movie where I get to fall in love with the characters. They become like friends or enemies that live in a box. I like bonding with people over shows, introducing people to new shows, discovering new ones, geeking out to Joss Whedon, I like the what happens next feeling from episode to episode.

In TV land I get emotional way easier than I do in real life. I’ll start crying during reality shows, when someone dies, when the new-found love is exciting and wonderful, when people get married, when men cry, when oppressed gay youth get bullied, and when someone is performing and their talent blows me away, pretty much at anything depending on mood.

Normally I’m not a weepy person, and let me clarify that I’m not bawling my eyes out while devouring cookie dough ice-cream, usually it’s nothing more than watery eyes, usually. I’m very good at keeping my emotions in check and ONLY displaying those to whom I select – my fave persons as it were. But I get really obsessed with certain shows, and what can I say, TV world seems to bring out my emotional side.