Of Tuesday Tunes – One Last Night by Vaults

My song of the week is One Last Night by Vaults.

This is one of those deceptively sad songs. It’s a power ballad with a pop beat, but it’s about losing someone and yearning to spend just one more night with them – even if it’s all a fantasy. See? Sad. Either that or the apocalypse is happening and they literally won’t see tomorrow.

One Last Night is beautiful, my favorite thing about the song is the violins that are woven in with the chorus. They bring the sorrow and longing that’s in the lyrics to the orchestration of the song. And it’s lovely.

Favorite lyric: “Ghosts and silhouettes, they take a piece of me they want it all. Oh but to wait in an empty room, with the feeling that is closing in.”

Of Tuesday Tunes – Run by Nicole Scherzinger

My song of the week is Run by Nicole Scherzinger.

This song is quite different from the club pop anthems that most associate with the former Pussycat Doll.

Run is simple, slow, raw, and powerful. But most of all – it’s sad. The first time I heard the song, I had chills before she even started singing. Her quick exhale sent shivers throughout my body and I thought, “This is going to be depressing, but in the best possible way,” and I was right.

I’ve come across people who think that if a song, movie, book, or tv show is sad then it’s not good. I’ve never understood that, to me if it makes you feel something, even if only slightly, then it’s worth paying attention to. This song pulls at my heartstrings and I love it for that.

I decided not to post the music video because it’s essentially her writhing around on the floor the whole time, which takes away from the emotion of the song. So please enjoy the audio:

Favorite lyric: “But you’ll get lost in the challenge, of trying not to get hurt, here’s advice for the next one, run”

Of No Coffee Mornings

Today a nightmare happened – I didn’t have time to make coffee before work. Gasp, shudder, tears! all the tears!

Basically like this, but with less dancing:

Without a little personality-in-a-cup to supply some joy, the morning stretched on and on. No coffee morning’s are the worst, and the free tea in the office is not a satisfactory substitute. It’s not awful just because I’m a caffeine junkie. Or because I did not go to bed at a decent time, so the fact that I woke up at all is a miraculous achievement.

Coffee equals sanity. It allows for brief moments of me time before diving back into the detail focused office atmosphere.

But on my lunch break, I made some coffee, and now my insides feel like this:

My jumping off a haystack.

Me jumping off a haystack.



Of Parting Ways

At the street fair

What’s the best part about the street fair? Eating curly fries of course. Mmmmm!

When we were nine we argued about the color of a beaded bracelet. I was convinced that it was green, you were convinced that it was yellow (in reality it was probably lime-green). We sat on my parents red comforter and bickered for at least three hours. If I recall the conversation went something like this:

Me: It’s green

You: It’s yellow

Me: It’s green!

You: It’s yellow!



Me: You’re stupid. Go home!

You: Ugh, you’re stupid. Fine, I’ll go home!

Then you walked home, and we didn’t talk for at least a week.

Fifteen years have passed since that heated argument. And by the way, I’ll always be convinced that you were wrong. It was green, just accept it and move on.

At the risk of sounding like a mushy-emotional-nostalgic-sap, it’s amazing how far we’ve come since we met in third grade:

  • We went through puberty side-by-side
  • I forced you to go to Homecoming with your future boyfriend of six years
  • You made me a rainbow friendship bracelet
  • We hated each other on vacations (but we’d make up within a week afterwords)
  • We’ve risked death climbing rocks at the beach
  • Hiked in the worst footwear possible
  • Went cliff jumping
  • Stole each others slang/fashion
  • Kicked the ass of Harvest Moon
  • Drove while crying/dancing/talking for hours
  • In short – we’re awesome

Tomorrow morning you’ll drive to the east, in pursuit of your PhD in physics. It’ll be at least a year before we spend hours talking about everything and nothing. Till you barge into my parents house and eat all the good food in the fridge. Till we get bored with the normal trail and end up hiking through the bushes. Till when driving we vow to only take the off roads and end up in uncharted territory.

In the mean time I’ll stay here, and you’ll be hanging with the nerds at the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, on Iowa Street. Gosh, they sure do like to remind you what state you’ll be in don’t they?

I love you Sister, good luck in Iowa. I’ll be sure to send you the most random and epic care package ever.

Of Pant Day Blues

Sad Pants Cartoon

Click image to view source

Today I was forced to wear pants. I hate being forced to wear pants.

Cause, you see, I don’t have very many human clothes. And the ones that I do have, I don’t particularly like. I haven’t bought jeans since high school, my shirts are mostly intended to be tucked into a skirt, and I don’t own sweatshirts of any kind. It’s always a challenge trying to find a nice human outfit to wear to an event (or in weather) that my normal clothes (casual for me, dressy for most humans in the Pacific North West) would simply be a bad idea.

That’s why this morning it was so sad to walk out of my room with denim strapped to my legs and one of my few human shirts, while my dresses and skirts hung limp and sad on their hangers. Their pretty feelings hurt by my neglect.

What made matters worse was that while it looked cold and wet – it was not. In actuality it was humid and warm. I was wearing pants for no reason! I even had an umbrella in my backpack.

Curse you Washington and your weather inconsistencies!