Of Tuesday Tunes – Underground by Adam Lambert

My song of the week is Underground by Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert recently dropped his latest album and it’s unsurprisingly wonderful. What I really appreciate about Adam is that he takes risks with all of his albums by playing with genre. You can tell which album a song is from based on it’s aesthetic, but no matter what it still feels like an Adam song.

Underground is about longing, loss, and love. The song itself is a mixture of R&B and EDM, with a bass drop is sheer sexy perfection.

There is no music video, but you can enjoy starring at his beautiful face. ūüôā

Favorite lyric: “Cause nobody feels you like I do, nobody kills me like you do, nothing I take can ever cut through, I’m in trouble.”

Of Tuesday Tunes – Make You Feel by Alina Baraz & Galimantias

My song of the week (on a Wednesday, sorry) is Make You Feel by Alina Baraz & Galimantias

Make You Feel is an incredibly sensual song. It’s captivating in that effortless, “I just woke up like this,” kind of way. I know there’s a lot of beautiful down-tempo electronic songs with female vocals out there, but the song is different from the norm in it’s simplicity. The artists didn’t build up, rather they built down. The magic of this song is in the chorus where they manipulate the vocals to be part of the instrumentation.

I love this song. I want to dance to it. I want to have sex to it. Something about this song makes me feel powerful and sexy.

Favorite lyric: “Breathe me in, taste my words, let me blow your mind. I’ll take you far, far away, I’ll make you feel alright.”

Of Tuesday Tunes – Got It by Marian Hilll

My song of the week is Got It by Marian Hill.

I can’t get enough of Marian Hill this week. Until last Friday the only song of hers that I was familiar with was One Time. So while doing DJ research I decided to buy the album and my only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner. The whole album is amazing! It’s sexy, but not in a predictable way, and she plays with electronica in a way that I’ve never really heard before.

Got It is an example of how she combines the sexy and playful in a perfect cocktail. It was difficult to choose one song off the album, but decided to go with Got It because it really stood out to me the first time I played the album through.

Favorite lyric: “You think it’s love, but you think too much.”

Of Tuesday Tunes – Two Weeks by FKA twigs

My song of the week is Two Weeks by FKA twigs.

This song is dirty, the lyrics are explicitly about desiring sex, and how she’s so good that he’ll forget all about his lover, presumably his girlfriend.

What makes this song interesting is the unconventional melody, meaning that sometimes there isn’t really much of one. During the verses, there’s a part where she sings only one note in quick, sharp staccatos that lead into a breathy high note. There’s no doubt that she was aiming to sound orgasmic – and she succeeded.

The orchestration is made of heavy synthesizers and a strong kick in the percussion, matching the sexiness of the lyrics and vocal styling.

The music video is … odd. I’m not really sure of what to make of it, though my favorite part is when she starts pouring gold dust on one of her subjects for no apparent reason.

Favorite lyric: “Flying like a stream of thunder, only way to do each other (High), Pull out the insides and give me two weeks, you won’t recognize her.”

Of Tuesday Tunes – Hypnotic by Vanic X Zella Day

My song of the week is Hypnotic by Vanic X Zella Day.

The opening of this song is seductive. Normally when I think of snaps my mind goes straight to West Side Story or poetry and bongos, but these snaps, these are some sexy snaps. The song weaves a sultry chillstep background with uptempo electronic music perfectly. Coupled with the beautiful and slightly sassy vocal styling, it makes for a very satisfying music experience.

In terms of placement in a fusion set, this is the sort of song I look for to transition out of pretty ballad land into upbeat boogie time.

Favorite lyric: “Talking like a headstrong Mama.”

Of Tuesday Tunes – Can’t Save Her by Chantal Claret

My song of the week is Can’t Save Her by Chantal Claret.

This song oozes sex, with her seductive voice soaring over a simple but captivating background.

As a dancer/DJ, finding a song that has a solid kick (when the song goes up – usually through the addition of new instruments or a change of key) is magic. What makes the kick in Can’t Save Her perfect¬†is the brief moment wear they strip down the¬†song to minimal instruments and vocals. Then once the anticipation is too much they build up the song and grab your attention in a different and exciting way – kinda like sex.

Favorite lyric: “Another noch on her bed, she forgets the time she said that when sex becomes a habit it’s no fun.”

Of Dancing the Blues

Say we were to meet while waiting in line at a coffee shop and we got to chatting, odds are we’d ask each other what we like to do. I don’t know what you enjoy. Maybe you’re a hiker, a baker, a contortionist, or a movie junkie; maybe you like to break into SeaWorld and go for joy rides on Shamu or sit around in your underwear watching America’s Next Top Model reruns; maybe you go horseback riding, sky diving, or train dogs (obviously I’d find out in conversation). My response would be simple: I dance. But if you wanted more detail I would probably start talking about my favorite, Blues, a style which if my memory is correct came about during the 90s (my favorite era for almost everything).

I haven’t been into Blues for all that long, about a year I’d guess, but I quickly fell in love when I watched my future teachers demonstrate it at a swing dance event. Blues is damn sexy. What’s challenging is explaining the style to people who have never seen or even heard of it. That’s about as easy a task as teaching a toddler advanced chemistry and expecting them to ace their midterm the next day.

It’s all about connection and feeling the music as well as communicating with another person. What’s beautiful about Blues is I can look out on the dance floor during the song below, for example, and everyone will be dancing different. Some dance fast, other’s slow, a few couples are two feet apart, or even nearly upside down, and there’s those have maybe an inch between them:

Sometimes the dance is about large movements, crazy dips, and footwork. Others its about subtle movements and it’s a much more intimate dance. I’m not a Blues teacher, I’m just an enthusiast so forgive me if you still have no idea what I’m talking about (if you want a visual, the first video is a demonstration of Blues). How I dance often is dependent on the leads personal style and the level of trust I have with him. Some leads¬†incorporate¬†a lot of swing or tango, and some I would allow to dip me about as willingly as I’d let them dump a bucket of bleach on my head (most likely these are new people). If the lead is my friend I probably trust him and I’ll let him do pretty much whatever, as long as it’s still a dance obviously. With leads I trust I’ll do lifts, or dips where I end up being caught only two inches from the ground.

When you walk into a Blues dance there’s an energy that’s shared by everyone there. It’s a community.¬†Ladies, here’s the reality. In traditional roles (men lead, women follow) there’s always an¬†abundance¬†of follows. This means that often you’ll have to not dance even though the song is probably super awesome, this is both a blessing and a curse, the men rarely get to sit down – especially if they are good leads. But unlike with other social dance styles sitting on the sidelines doesn’t feel awkward (at least in my experience). There’s days or moments when I’d rather sit and watch people dance, it’s beautiful and captivating. And as I said earlier – damn sexy.

Of Wishing for Overalls

Love and Other Drugs Screenshot

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A lot of my favorite things still stem from the 1990s. It was the era of “it’s so corny it’s fucking awesome,” and there is one thing I know for certain.

I miss overalls.

Not the boxy, dark blue denim overalls that farmers wear.

But the cute, subtly sexy overalls that seem to only exist in the movies and on television nowadays.

In the 90s it was easy to find cute overalls. But now all that’s left is poorly made jumpers and used ones that have pictures of Tweety Bird or Winnie the Pooh cross stitched on the front. Hmmm … not interested.

Take for instance Anne Hathaway’s wardrobe in the movie Love and Other Drugs. She had a quirky and sexy wardrobe that included what? OVERALLS! Where the hell can I buy those?

Granted they may not be the most figure flattering piece of clothing, but there is something attractive (at least to me) about the way the hang on the body. It’s that I’m fully clothed but my clothes are barely hanging on look.

I mean, just look at her. She’s stunning.

Anne Hathaway Overalls

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