Of Finals and Drive

Finals Week

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Finals suck! I repeat FINALS SUCK!!

Can I get an amen? Can I? CAN I?

Please excuse my mellow dramatic written behavior. But every human being who has been educated on any level will agree with that statement.

What is even more unfortunate is that every single professor decides to make large assignments due in unison of the accumulative tests. All this does is make the students lives more stressful.

Not very nice professors … I’m just saying.

Often it seems like we are doing nothing in my classes, at least in terms of turning in assignments. We sit in class, listen to lectures, take notes, and participate in discussions. But come the end of the quarter professors seem to have coerced with their fellow faculty and decide to make literally everything due at the same time. I’m failing to understand why professors don’t spread out their assignments more evenly. I mean surely it would make their grading load lighter … right?

Now if I still had academic drive at this point. This would not be a big deal. I would sit down and just do it. However my drive falls dangerously low after midterms, which results in me watching TV, browsing Facebook, playing solitaire, or anything other than writing those damn papers.

I’ve been so busy avoiding my to do list that I haven’t had the time to update this blog for about twelve days. And honestly I probably shouldn’t be on this website either. I should be focusing on Mina Loy and her hypocritical, body obsessed, futuristic concepts of motherhood. Or rereading Waiting For Godot. Or skimming over boring theory of what makes art art. Apparently I’m a lazy English major, but when I do the work I always do it exceptionally well. Often what I’ve thrown together in two hours is equal too and sometimes better than the work of my fellow students who have spent days preparing and hours upon hours working. Whereas in my world, computer card games, TV on DVD, and socializing have become my priorities.

Thankfully I am the master at bull shitting my way through written assignments.

And if I have enough coffee in my blood I can get anything done.

Two more weeks and this quarter will be done!

Then I party guilt free!