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Social Media Cartoon

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I’m trying to work out this social media thing. For a long time I’ve been meaning to be more of an Internet whore and splatter the web with even more of my thoughts, but I’ve yet to do anything.


A few days ago I set up a Facebook page for Classy With a Twist (click here or on the sidebar). Ahem, if you’d be so kind, please go and “like” it – so that at the very least – I appear more popular than I actually am.

Then I set up a Twitter @ClassyTwist (click here or on the sidebar). This is a whole new territory for me, but I have always wanted a place to publicly store my every thought, whim, and what I had for lunch.

Through both these sites I’m hoping to be able to communicate with ya’ll in a more interactive way. Take suggestions, answer questions, inform people of any progress made with my side-project writing dreams, so on and so forth.

I’m still working on the VLOG aspect, but I’m pretty excited for what I have in mind. But I’ll post those details later.

So, yeah, let’s become best buds in the social media world. It’ll be like we’re hanging out – except, not really.

Social Media Fingernail Art

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